Practicing with Prepositional Phrases and Direct Objects

Practicing with Prepositional Phrases and Direct Objects
Directions: Use your note cards and grammar notes to label the following items. (Use your
preposition worksheet and direct object worksheets as references!)
1. Put ( ) around the prepositional phrase (if there is one. Remember, the prepositional
phrase begins with a preposition!)
2. Label the subject with an “s”
3. Label the verb with a “v”
4. Ask yourself “who” or “what” is receiving the action of the verb. Then, label that as the
Direct Object “do”.
Example: Tom ate my pizza (before I did)!
1. Adam ate his apple.
2. Then, he threw a lemon on Clare's head.
3. "La-la-la", he sang happily.
4. So, Jean squeezed the lemons for lemonade, which she poured down the toilet.
5. The toilet started hiccupping up the lemonade.
6. Meanwhile, Adam jumped on the table and kicked the cat.
7. The cat threw a fit and turned invisible.
8. Black clouds covered the blue sky and blocked out the sun.
9. Adam and Cyndia's house was bombarded by rocks.
10. And that is the end of our tale.