Sponsor Appreciation Breakfast Letter Template

<Sponsor Contact Name>
<Sponsor Contact Title>
<Sponsor Organization>
<City, State Zip>
Dear <Sponsor Contact Name>:
Thank you for your support of the <Title of Your Meta-Leadership Event> on <date>.
Your involvement is already helping raise the profile of this important event and
encouraging leaders across <city or state> to participate.
We would like to invite you to join a select group of your fellow local leaders for
breakfast immediately before the event at <time, date, location>.
At the Appreciation Breakfast, you will connect with leaders like yourself from the
business, government and nonprofit sectors in <city or state>. It is an ideal opportunity
to establish or renew the crucial relationships that are the heart of the meta-leadership
approach. Please RSVP for this invitation-only breakfast by <date>, by contacting <RSVP
contact name>, <RSVP contact organization> <RSVP contact email and phone number>.
This breakfast provides event presenters and organizers the opportunity to thank you
personally for committing to a new approach for leading <city or state> during an
emergency or natural disaster. We are proud to be working with <names of presenters,
organizers and other key organizations>.
We very much look forward to meeting you at the <Title of Your Meta-Leadership
Event> on <date> and hope you will be able to join us and a select group of your peers
at the Appreciation Breakfast on <date>.
<Your Name>
<Your Title>
<Your Organization>