What is the AAP Doing About Retail Based Clinics

What is the AAP Doing About
Retail-Based Clinics (RBCs)?
National AAP
Issued policy statement “Principles Concerning Retail-Based
In dialogue with carriers and RBCs on pediatric issues involving
retail clinics. The AAP plans on sharing the principles statement
to RBCs, carriers, employer groups and benefit consulting firm
Developing and making available to employers and carriers,
materials on standards of pediatric care and the medical home
for children to be shared with plan members
Providing resource information to AAP Chapters and Members on
strategies for dealing with RBC
AAP Chapters
Through the chapter pediatric council, meet with carriers and
employers to discuss the medical home and how retail clinics are
not a substitute for the medical home.
Advocate to state regulators and legislators regarding adherence
to health department regulations for clinics and AAP concerns
regarding RBC.
Letters to editors of local papers
Meet with retailers and RBC vendors on ways to enhance the
pediatric medical home
Distribute information to families, employers and media
supporting the medical home concept
Advocate for measures to regulate provision of services at retail
based clinics based on the AAP Statement of Principles for Retail
Based Clinics. At a minimum, retail clinics should have processes
in place to:
Confirm patient status with the primary care pediatrician at each
Provide medical information with the primary care pediatrician
within 24 hours of the visit
Limit their scope of practice in such a way so as to support and
not interfere with the medical home model
Refer serious and complex medical cases to the primary care
Ensure clinic staff are under the supervision of a physician
Incorporate evidence based practice, including AAP
Comply with all health care facility standards and requirements
related to patient safety and quality assurance
Private Payer Advocacy Advisory Committee (PPAAC)
Inform carriers, RBCs, benefit consultant firms and employer
associations such as the National Business Group on Health of
the AAP position on RBC by sending letter and RBC principles
Coordinate dissemination of AAP materials on medical home to
carriers and employer groups that would be shared with
Coordinate with AAP Communications and Chapter and District
Relations talking points and letter to editor templates for
chapters to share with local media
Share information and strategies with AAP chapters and pediatric
Propose studies on pediatric office follow up care for patients
treated at RBC to determine cost effectiveness and efficacy of
RBC treatment