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Princess Anne Middle School
Algebra 1 Series Class
Course Scope and Sequence:
Algebra 1 Series Part 1
Unit 1: Variables and Expressions
Unit 2: Solving Equations
Unit 3: Linear Functions
Unit 4: Graphing and Writing Linear Equations
Unit 5: Solving Inequalities in One Variable
Semester 1 Exam (One-ninth of the semester grade)
Email address: [email protected]
Algebra 1 Series Part 2
Unit 6: Solving Systems of Equations
Unit 7: Laws of Exponents and Polynomials
Unit 8: Factoring and Solving Quadratic Equations
Unit 9: Quadratic Functions and Curve Fitting
Unit 10: Statistics
SOL Preparation
SOL Test
Unit 11: Rational Expressions and Equations
Assignment Information: All assignments will be
Texts and Materials
Teacher: Cynthia Morgan
Counselors: Grade 8 (A-D) Ms. Jenny Hinton
Grade 8 (E-Z) Mrs. Audra Burchett
School Telephone Number: 757-648-4950, ext.
posted on Ms. Morgan’s Wikispaces. Best time to
reach me: daily between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.
Ms. Cathy Peterson, the Gifted Resource Teacher, will
be working with the gifted cluster classes. She can be
reached by email ([email protected]) or
phone (648-4950 x62028). Email is the preferred and
most efficient contact method. Please allow 24 hours
for a response.
Course Description: Algebra 1 Series is a high
school credit-bearing class. Students who successfully
complete the class and the Algebra 1 SOL End-ofCourse test will earn one verified credit in math. The
next course in the sequence is Geometry Series or
Geometry Honors.
Course Objectives: All of the Algebra 1 Series Sol’s
for the Commonwealth of Virginia are included in the
Virginia Beach City Public School’s Algebra 1 Series
curriculum. The goal is to equip students with the
skills they need to succeed as 21st century learners. A
detail listing of the objectives for math and their
correlation to the Sol’s will be posted on and can be accessed two ways from
the homepage: Parents section and/or
Curriculum/Programs link. Students mastering the
material will be prepared to pass the Algebra 1 Honors
Sol test.
School issued agenda
red pen
yellow highlighter
one black dry erase marker
One three-ring binder 2" or 3"
colored pencils
#2 mechanical pencils with eraser
notebook paper
graph paper
multifunction calculator for home use
4 AAA batteries for school issued TI-84
Plus Graphing Calculator
Box of tissue
A notebook check will be done during each nine
weeks. Students are expected to keep an organized
notebook with the following items for each day:
 Name and date
 Warm up
 Class Notes
 Classwork
 Homework
 Journal
 Graded Quizzes/Tests
P. A. Middle- a school where every child succeeds
Textbook: Algebra 1 Online Edition
Students will have to access the Algebra 1
textbook online. Students will receive a username
and password.
Assessment Measures: Students will be evaluated
using formative and summative testing; which may
include - tests, quizzes, homework, and classwork.
The grading scale is as follows:
93 - 100
90 - 92
87 - 89
83 - 86
80 - 82
77 - 79
73 - 76
70 - 72
67- 69
64 - 66
Below 64
Grading Procedures and Policies: Tests count
50% of the grade. Quizzes count 25% of the
grade. Classwork, counts 15% of the grade, and
Homework counts 10% of the grade. Projects may
be counted in any of the four categories. Homework
will be checked daily for completeness. One homework
grade will be given at progress report time and the
other homework grade will be given at the end of the
nine weeks. Students will be provided an opportunity
to retake or redo an assignment. Students not turning
in their assignments will be assigned “Academic
Detention” for the following Wednesday. If the
assignment is completed and shown to me prior to
detention, then detention is voided. All students must
maintain a neat and orderly notebook. All
assignments must be recorded in the agenda.
Assignments are due on the date assigned. Makeup
work is the student’s responsibility. All assignments
are recorded on the assignment board. Students must
make up their work within the same number of block
days missed after their return to school. If you are
absent on a test day, you are expected to be able to
take the test unless you have an extended absence, in
which case you or your parent should contact me.
Parents and guardians may set up an account to
access the SchoolNet Parent Portal. Students’
grades will be updated by 5:00 p.m. each Friday.
Help Sessions: Please make sure your child is
working on homework assignments on the day they
are assigned. If they have trouble, then they should
come see me the next day during homeroom to
discuss the problem or to arrange a before or after
school time for extra help. I will sign an appointment
time in your child’s agenda. Homework centers are
available in both the a.m. and p.m. in the cafeteria.
Please see the school’s website for more information
on those sessions.
Procedures for conferences, parental contacts:
If something comes up that you would like to discuss
in a conference, please feel free to contact the
guidance department. Please do not hesitate to
contact me at any time with any concern you might
have. Email is the best way to reach me, even if the
email says that you would like me to call you.
Attendance Information: Algebra 1 Series is a
High School Credit class. This class applies to your
child’s high school GPA. Please make sure your child
attends class regularly.
Citizenship Expectations: Students should know
and adhere to all policies stated in the Code of
Conduct as well as all classroom policies. Students
must also adhere to the Princess Anne Middle
School Honor Code.
Class Rules and Behavior Expectations:
Be on time. You must be in your seat when the tardy bell
rings. The tardy policy is located in the PAMS agenda.
Come to class prepared with the necessary materials.
Respect the teacher and your peers.
Participate and interact when appropriate.
Use the restroom before and between classes.
Raise your hand to be recognized by the teacher.
Remain silent during the morning and afternoon
Wait to be dismissed by the teacher.
P. A. Middle- a school where every child succeeds
Please sign and return the next page to Ms.
Morgan by September 19, 2014.
My child and I have reviewed Ms. Morgan’s Algebra 1 Series Classroom
Expectations together. I will support Ms. Morgan in the delivery of daily instruction.
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_____________________________________(E-mail address)
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P. A. Middle- a school where every child succeeds