The Ancient East Virtual Tour

The Ancient East Virtual Tour
Virtual Tours are simply what they state. They are tours that are on
the computer that allow us to see and learn about cultures and what those
cultures created. Visual images are one of the ways we learn, and your task
will be to take to the land assigned to you.
 A typed script that encompasses your group as tour guides
 A document that allows you to show images that are important to know
about your particular culture
 The document must include 15-20 “stops” or images that will show us
significant traits of your culture and then an in-depth explanation of
your images
 A list that provides insight to the instructor of who did what during
the project
 A supplied hotlist of websites on your particular project
Grading Criteria:
Projects will be graded on creativity, quality of product, and quality of
Groups of no more than 3 are allowed to do this together.
Presentations will be given in the lab and will be presented to the whole
This Project is due on: September 13
Additional Notes: