Technical Rider Maria Kannegaard Trio

Technical Rider Urban Tunélls
1 Snare drum 14" x 6 1/2"
1 rack tom 12" x 8"
1 floor tom (with legs) 14" x 14"
1 bass drum 18" x 14"
1 snaredrum stand
3 cymbal stands (1 w/ boom)
1 hi-hat stand
1 bassdrum pedal, mallet with whole felt, no plastic.
1 drum chair to be put high.
1 carpet (3m X 2m)
Drums: preferable Gretch, Ludwig, Slingerland or Pearl.
All heads (top and bottom/back and front) must be white-coated Remo
Ambassador. Fronthead of bassdrum must be without a hole or "drum-logo".
Hardware: preferable Premier or Yamaha. Cymbal and hi-hat stands should be
single legged and straight without "boom" and must be in perfect condition with
felt, screws, rubber ring, hi-hat clutch etc.
1 x Bass Amp, suitable for acoustic bass (Gallien Kruger, Acoustic Image, SWR,
Ampeg, Polytone). Combo is preferred, if not – 4x10 cabinet or 1x15 cabinet.
1 x Grand Piano, of very high quality (Steinway, Bösendorfer) tuned 442hrz on the
day of performance - as close to the concert as possible.
1 x Adjustable Piano Chair
1 x Neumann KM 184 or similar with windshield!
Stand: large boom
2 x Neumann KM 184 or similar
Stand: large boom
3 x SM 58 or similar
3 x Stands with large boom
A high quality PA-system is required. The system must be of a 3 or 4 way active
system, including high quality crossovers and amps.
The system must be capable of delivering a clean and undistorted sound, with a uniform
coverage of the venue, including balconies or similar seating.
It must have an effective frequency response from 25 Hz to 20 kHz at sound levels
reaching approx. 110 dB at peak levels.
System must be totally free of hum and noise.
Preferred systems: Turbosound, EAW , Meyer Sound MSL 3/4 650R or D&B.
The complete system must be up and running upon arrival of artists
crew/soundengineer for load in.
Artist will need at least two-hour soundcheck, without being disturbed or interrupted in
any way.
One engineer familiar with the system, is to be present at all time, from load-in, during
soundcheck and performance.
Any difficulty, whatsoever, meeting these specifications must be sorted out with Urban
Tunélls production company or sound engineer. Any changes of the specifications are
only to be made on their authority.
All inquiries regarding the technical sound production shall be addressed to:
Morten Michelsen
Phone: +47 91 64 97 86