BISS 2015 Latvia - place for creative developmentx

Pielikums Nr. 2
BISS 2015
“Latvia – Place for Creative Development”
Motto: Latvia – challenging creativity in the Baltics, Europe and the world
Dates: 21 June- 2 July, 2015
Credits awarded: 5 ECTS
Every country’s ‘development’ is relying upon innovativeness and creativity leading to people’s
welfare and wellbeing. Role of Latvia in the Baltics, Europe and the world is challenging the
debate on how to apply development models in terms of becoming visible not only locally, but
Historically, both the static conditions as well as dynamic process within time, space, and
context, professional and organizational interests have created platform for multidimensional
process of economic, social and cultural actions for improvement of the quality of lives.
Respectively, Latvian current development strategy consists of three main pillars: cultural and
environmental heritage, human security and economics. The Baltic International Summer school
invites to investigate and explore Latvia out of evidence that promote and energizes locals to
become European and global citizens.
The Baltic International Summer school is going to be divided in the three main parts: lectures,
seminars or workshops. Evidence and practical based approach, i.e., field visits, study trips and
exchange of different experiences will give an opportunity to learn about alternative practices in
Latvia endorsed to become important player in its diversity.
For instance, exchange of knowledge and practicies, e.g., visiting Business and Innovation
Incubator, social entrepreneurs and local cultural/ historical places will give an opportunity to
understand Latvian experience challenging the creativeness and excellence.
Topics on language, environment and culture will familiarise the Latvian identity throughout the
historical development perspective. While lectures about human security will give an
understanding about recent experience both on issues relating foreign security as well as on
social human security in the realm of rationale during recently experienced financial/ economic
recession. Finally, intercultural communication will encourage you to practice creative diversity.
We are eager to share our knowledge, competence and practice with BISS 2015 participants
being or becoming a part of creative Latvian identity!
Pielikums Nr. 2
BISS 2015 invites for common learning in on the following topics having real exchange of
different experiences:
1. Latvian language and culture
2. Historical pathways: coping with the past in presence
3. Youth - employability and capabilities: challenging 21st century (Active youth and
4. Social human security during and after economic recession
5. Place attractiveness: be local - think global
6. Latvian security challenges - outstanding homework
7. Creative industries and social entrepeneurship
8. Education for sustainable development
9. Intercultural communication uniting
Programme fee: EUR 700
Fee includes:
 tuition (language classes, lectures, workshops)
 culture and social events, including traditional summer solstice celebration “Jāņi”
 study trips and excursions, including 1 full day trip
 course materials and equipment
 accommodation in a single room in a student hostel
 breakfast and lunch
 welcome and farewell dinners
 transfer from Riga airport and back
The programme is open for undergraduate and graduate students of any background. Further
information on application process, scholarships and course details is available at or by e-mail
Apply online:
Deadline: June 1, 2015 (for scholarships – April 15, 2015)
Pielikums Nr. 2