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Request for Proposal
HSF 0018
Amendment #2
1. Can you confirm that MAP expects the contractor to provide the best possible interpretation of the geophysical data
as to presence and location of potential grave sites, or does MAP expect the contractor to provide the geophysical
survey data and MAP will interpret the presence and location of potential grave sites?
The deliverables of this geophysical study are to include a written report describing the survey results and
including the best possible interpretation of the location and extent of prior disturbances, potential or actual
grave locations, and positions of geophysical survey transects. Locations of potential or actual grave locations are
to be mapped and placed into an ArcGIS format, and also provided as a deliverable of this contract.
2. Does MAP expect to provide the contractor with background historic and archaeological information critical for
survey design and interpretation, or do they expect the contractor to perform the necessary background research to
ensure the success of the survey? For example it is important to know details about burial construction, likelihood of
grave goods, etc.
MAP will provide background historic and archaeological information to the consultant prior to the start of field
investigation. This information has been gathered from the collections of the Wisconsin Historical Society, which
includes State Archaeological Site Inventory Records, technical reports, survey and planning grant reports, and
oral interviews. In addition, the consultant will have on-site access to the Bad River Tribal Historic Preservation
3. Does DOT, MAP or the Bad River Tribe already have in their possession historical photos of the burial site with the
grave houses?
A limited number of historic photographs of portions of the cemetery are available, primarily through the Bad
River THPO. Please be aware that grave markers, when used, also consisted of cast metal markers, engraved
limestone markers, enclosures made of iron fencing or other metals. Bad River Band reports that numerous
markers and fencing have been removed through vandalism and theft. A few examples of the aforementioned are
present in the cemetery, although these are located outside of the geophysical study area. Recently MAP
archaeologists, Bad River THPO, and Bad River NAGPRA representative conducted a visual reconnaissance of the
entire reported cemetery area, and over 200 marked burials or probable burial locations were noted. These
locations of have been placed into an ArcGIS format. Included are several slight depressions, possibly indicating
burials, noted within the WisDOT right-of-way.
4. Can we include University of Wisconsin system employees as sub-contractors or co-investigators in the proposal?
Yes, they must be treated like any other subcontractor, except there are statutes pertaining to how much and
what they can do for us. Include in proposal and determine if there are any problems regarding the statutes.
5. Could you confirm that the second burial area mentioned in the video is outside of the survey area and out of scope
for this project?
For the purposes of this bid, the geophysical study area is confined to the existing WisDOT right-of-way, which
extends on both sides of the current highway roadbed. The boundaries of the study area are indicated on the
current WisDOT plan sheets and extend between WisDOT stations 415+00 to 428+00. This area is located entirely
within the reported boundaries of one cemetery, known as Blackbird's Field/Historical Wayside cemetery
(Wisconsin burial site inventory number BAS-0025).