Discrete Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics
September 9, 2004
Roll No.
1. Let A={a,b,c,d}, and B={1,2,3}. Find AB. It is a set of ordered pairs.
2. A Relation R is a subset of AB. It is in fact a binary relation from A to B.
3. Any relation can be depicted by its graphical form in addition to its algebraic
4. The graphical form of a binary relation can also be represented by a table.
5. A binary relation from a set A to A is said to be a binary relation on A?
6. A binary relation from A to B is said to be a function if for every element in A,
there is a unique element in B. Show its graphical and tabular form. Show the
Domain and Range of the function.
7. Onto, one to one, not onto, not one to one, both onto and one to one functions?