German Visit to Greece

Hellenic Republic
Ministry of Development
General Secretariat for Research and Technology
Dr. Nikos Sidiropoulos
mailto: [email protected]
Information Profile
M aterials
German Visit to Greece
March 2006
First Name,
Dietmar Bendix
Head of Materials Engineering
ATZ Entwicklungszentrum
Kropfersrichter Straße 6 – 10
D-92237 Sulzbach Rosenberg
[email protected]
Research fields and running projects:
Powder Materials: fluid dynamic atomization of melt, reactive atomization (SnO2, In2O3),
atomization of reactive materials (Ti, Al)
Thermal spraying: corrosion resistant / wear protective layers, layers for incineration plants
(waste / biomass)
Biological / Thermal Process Engineering: energy technology of Biomass and waste
Most recent publications:
Hot Gas Atomized Melts – potentials for Thermal Spray Powders
Investigations on corrosion protective layers in waste incineration plants
Both published in Proceedings of ITSC´05, Basel (2005), attached as pdf - files
Main partners in international cooperation:
Air Liquid (France), KTH Stockholm (Sweden),
CRA Limited (Australia), Aesculap / CSIR (South Africa)
Actual and previous Greek partners:
Cooperation interests:
Development and Application of powders and of thermal sprayed coatings
Development and Application of functional layers for energy technology
Further expectations concerning the visit in Greece:
Outline of drafts for cooperation project with founding of the EU
Short presentation on the following topic (please send us your draft presentation until March 10th, 2006):
Activities of ATZ in the fields of biological and thermal Process Engineering
Atomization of melts
Thermal spray technology
Functional layers for incineration plants (waste / biomass)
Please send back this completed form by E-Mail to: Dr. Nikos Sidiropoulos ([email protected]), Ministry of Development, General
Secretariat for Research & Technology, International S & T Cooperation Directorate Bilateral Relations Division
Deadline: February 28th, 2006