Test on Tuesday (as the class calendar indicates: PP is on line at

Test on Tuesday (as the class calendar indicates: PP is on line at http://ponderosatcchs.wikispaces.com/ ( or
http://ponderosatcchs.wikispaces.com/Home+Page) and has been posted there for quite some time) Your reading and what is
covered in class will be applicable to the test. The following are some points to remember. 50 MC. Remember there are only 97 days
till the AP Psychology exam (this includes weekends and breaks...actually less in class time) We must continue to move forward.
Intelligence Tests
 used by psychologists to measure mental ___________________and __________________
them with others.
 Mental ability learned from __________________
Aptitude Tests
 predict ____________________________________new skills
 Ability to be a __________________would be an example of an aptitude test.
 __________________ __________________
Achievement Tests
 Assess the learned __________________ or __________________
 current __________________
Standardized Tests
 Test performance can be __________________with that of a representative
__________________ group
 Compared to the __________________ test-taker
developed by __________________
General intelligence that underlies ____________________________________on a wide
variety of tasks
General intelligence factor are most highly correlated with their __________________ to
__________________ __________________ problems.
Binet (and Stanford Binet)
 Had to find out how children perform in __________________
 Had to determine the ____________________________________for the child's intellectual
development (being fast or slow)
 __________________= IQ (formula)
WAIS (Weschlers) Test
 Subtests of __________________ and __________________ questions
 Most widely used
 One __________________from the mean contains scores from 85 to 115
 The
__________________ of the population
Intelligence Test Scores
 Form the pattern of a __________________shape
 Known as the ____________________________________
 __________________ Curve
 ____________________________________is the extent to which a test samples the
__________________ that is of interest.
 If a teacher gives you a test on intelligence but it contains very little questions on intelligence it
would be questioned on its content validity.
 A lifesaving course samples the tasks that a lifeguard would routinely face (like pool drowning)
etc. Then it fits __________________ validity.
 __________________results every time it is used.
For example: you take the SAT and your score doesn't dramatically increase or decrease each
time you take it.
Flynn Effect
 the increase in ______________________________________________________world wide
 Could be due to __________________and __________________ improvements
Factor Analysis
 identify __________________ of closely related test __________________.
Savant Syndrome
 __________________concepts too difficult to understand
 Mentally __________________
 Show __________________ abilities (Whiz at something-Math, music, art, facts- sometimes
reading )
 Show characteristics that make the __________________ of Intelligence much more complex
and __________________ to many distinct abilities.
Mental Retardation
 limited mental ability, indicated by an intelligence score of __________________or below
 difficulty in adapting to the __________________of __________________
 IQ varies from __________________to __________________
 Down Syndrome
condition of retardation and associated ____________________ ________________
caused by an ______________ ______________________ in one’s genetic makeup
 ability to produce __________________and __________________ ideas
 requires __________________ motivation
Styles of Thinking:
 __________________- multiple answer to problems
 __________________- one answer to problem- required for successful performance on
intelligence tests
The Brain
 Damage to the __________________ __________________ __________________damages
convergent thinking
 __________________correlates positively with intelligence
Perceptual Information
 __________________ of taking in perceptual information is correlated with
Emotional Intelligence
 Being able to __________________, __________________ , __________________, and use
 __________________ pleasures in pursuit of long range rewards
 losing your __________________illustrates a low emotional intelligence
 Has been criticized as a concept because it is overly __________________ and is stretched over
a broad range of __________________
Heredity and Genetics
 Used __________________/ __________________ __________________studies to show the
 Heredity can be the influence when comparing __________________ twins raised separately
and still having __________________ IQ scores, where __________________raised together
have __________________similar scores.
Groupings and Bias
Widening of achievement gap between higher and lower ability groups has been caused by
such programs as "__________________" programs.
___________________ _________________- debunked (classical music)
__________________ __________________ __________________- bring down the # of
participants that will repeat grades or require special education
__________________ are superior in __________________
__________________ are better at __________________ and __________________
(exposure to __________________ sex __________________ parentally fosters the
development of spatial abilities.)
Greatest gap between aptitude scores of black and white individuals occurs as
__________________ __________________juniors, but the gap closes by the
__________________ year of __________________.
If American colleges only admitted students on the basis of their SAT, WAIS, Stanford-Binet a
disproportionately larger # of __________________would be admitted than