General Laboratory Procedures and Organization

General Laboratory Procedures and Organization
University of Wyoming Soil Resource Laboratory- Jay Norton PI
Rev. April 23, 2009 (working document)
All labs and Equipment:
1. To avoid conflicts plan ahead;
2. To avoid being banned from the lab, be safe, keep labs, tools, & glassware clean and organized,
and restock lab materials & supplies;
3. Equipment/manual/book reservation & checkout: Do this faithfully on sheets in each lab.
Lab 45: Sample prep, field equipment storage.
This room is shared by the soil science faculty and needs to be kept clean and organized.
1. Soil grinding/sieving: place fan in open window blowing out and work in front of fan. Clean
sieves, grinder, counter top, floor, etc. when finished.
2. Soil sample drying: Use the counter space for air-drying soil samples. Rebag samples as soon as
they’re dry and thoroughly clean counter top and floor. Leave an ID sheet with name and number
with the samples.
3. Field equipment: check out equipment on sheet on door. Clean and put away all probes, shovels,
boots, and other equipment immediately after returning from the field or the next morning.
Lab 1033: Wet lab for chemical storage, extractions, weighing, incubations, CO2 readings, etc.
Graduate students and employees of Jay Norton have priority in this room.
1. Read MSDS on storage, handling, and spill procedures for each chemical you use;
2. Thoroughly clean and put away all glassware immediately after use. If dirty glassware needs to be
left overnight, leave a note telling who will clean it and when;
3. Note ordering needs for materials and supplies on lab supplies sheet on door.
4. Keep the lab clean and organized. Clean all work areas daily.
5. Restock reagents, acid bath, etc. as needed; DO NOT leave things empty for someone else to deal
Lab 48: Mission control: data storage in hard and digital formats, microbalance, C & N analyzer,
microplate reader. Graduate students and employees of Jay Norton have priority in this room.
1. Follow data, log book, and other storage and QA/QC protocols;
2. Keep the lab clean and organized: put your samples lab books, etc., away after use.
Lab 43: Sample storage, grinding, additional bench space.
Fine-grinding machine is under hood. Keep this room clean and as organized as you found it.
Lab 1024: George Vance’s soil chemistry lab; DOC, SOM fractionation. Shared use by soils faculty &
grad students. Keep this space clean and organized. If you’ll need bench space for more that a day arrange
with Dr. Vance.
AES Greenhouse: Walk-in cooler and freezer for storage of soil and extract samples. Also greenhouse
space as available for drying large numbers of samples or for pot experiments. Contact Kelli Belden, Pete
Stahl, or Steve Williams for availability. Samples in the walk-ins must be packed in well-labeled and
dated boxes or coolers, including my contact info.
Soils truck, UW112: For use by soil faculty and grad students. The truck is kept in the lot on 14th &
Bradley (one block NE of the Ag building). Park it behind the ag building only when in use. Typically
used for running back and forth to the Greenhouse or for other local errands. Can be used for field work.
Check out keys as other equipment in lab 48. Leave it with gas in it!
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