Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae
Name: Setsuko KOMATSU, Ph.D.
Team Director , National Institute of Crop Science, NARO
Professor, University of Tsukuba
Tsukuba, 305-8518 JAPAN
Tel: 81-29-838-8693
Fax: 81-29-838-8694
1980: Meiji Pharmaceutical University (Assistant)
1985: Keio University School of Medicine (Assistant)
1993: National Institute of Agrobiological Resources (Senior researcher)
2000: National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (Head of Team)
2006: National Institute of Crop Science, NARO (Team Director)
University of Tsukuba (Professor)
Identification and analysis of proteins for gene discovery and elucidation of functions of
useful genome (Rice Genome Project, MAFF) - Leader of project:
Controlling plant morphogenesis by altering the function based on the elucidation of
molecular mechanism for phytohormone signal transduction - Leader of project:
Journal of Proteome Research: Associate Editor
Proteomics: the membership of Editorial Board
Journal of Biological Sciences: the membership of Editorial Board
Current Proteomics: the membership of Editorial Board
The Open Proteomics Journal: the membership of Editorial Board
Journal of Proteomics: the membership of Editorial Board
Phytochemistry: the membership of Editorial Board
Publications 322, Conferences 656, and Patents 15
Main reviews:
1. Ahsan N, Renaut J, Komatsu S, Recent developments in the application of
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Main manuscripts:
1. Komatsu S, et al., Identification of flooding stress responsible cascades in root and
hypocotyls of soybean using proteome analysis. Amino Acids 38:729–738, 2010.
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