Fabrication and Physical Properties of Nano Oxide Tin Films

Fabrication and Physical Properties of Nano Oxide Thin Films
C. L. Chen
University of Houston
Nanostructural oxide thin films of ferroelectric (Ba,Sr)TiO3, ferromagnetic
(La,Ca/Sr)MnO3, and highly ionic conductive Gd:CeO2 thin films have been fabricated
with pulsed laser ablation. Electron microscopy studies reveal that the as-grown films
have excellent epitaxial behavior with sharp interface and nano columnar structures with
in plan dimensions of 20 to 30 nm have been achieved. Physical property measurements
indicate that the films have very strong anisotropic behavior with abnormal physical
properties including extremely high dielectric tunability in ferroelectric (Ba,Sr)TiO3
nanostructural thin films, oscillation behavior and strong anisotropic magnetization in the
nano columnar (La,CA/Sr)MnO3 thin films, and the p-type ionic conductive properties in
the nanocolumnar structural Gd:CeO2 thin films. Details will be discussed in the talk.