Civil & Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering
1. Make a new folder called Civil Engineering and put it in your student ID#.
Make at least a 10 Frame Prezi file.
Frame 1:
1. Make a title Frame with the title: Civil Engineering
2. Put your name below the title: Your Name, Date
Frame 2:
Write one sentence defining Civil Engineering (Wikipedia):
1. Civil Engineering –
Frame 3:
Write one or two sentences for each defining the following branches of Civil Engineering (Wikipedia):
1. Coastal Engineering –
2. Construction Engineering –
3. Environmental Engineering –
4. Geotechnical Engineering –
5. Water Resources Engineering –
Frame 4:
Write one or two sentences for each defining the following branches of Civil Engineering (Wikipedia):
6. Materials Engineering –
7. Structural Engineering –
8. Surveying –
9. Transportation Engineering –
10. Municipal or Urban Engineering –
Frame 5:
1. What objects in Egypt are considered the first instances of large structure constructions (Wikipedia). –
2. When were they constructed?
3. Show a picture of them.
Frame 6:
Gustave Eiffel was one of the most famous civil/structural engineers in the 1800’s and created what was the tallest
structure of its time.
1. What famous structure is he known for?
2. Show a picture of the structure
Frame 7:
Municipal and Urban Engineers work on master planned communities.
1. What are the two biggest master planned communities in Texas?
2. Show pictures of them.
Frame 8:
The design and construction of highways and bridges employ a large number of civil engineers.
1. The Interstate Highway System in the U.S. was championed by for President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1950’s.
He pushed for its creation after seeing the German highway system in World War 2. What is the name for the
German system of highways?
2. Those highways have suggested speed limits of 130 km/h (80 mph) but what is the general speed limit?
Frame 9:
One of the world’s most unique civil engineering projects is known as the tallest monument in the United States.
1. What is the name of the name of this structure and where is it located?
2. Eero Saarinen designed it but who was the structural engineer who figured out how to construct it?
3. Which part of it has the greatest length, its height or its width?
4. Show a picture of this famous structure.
Frame 10:
Geodesic Domes are a civil engineered, lightweight structure used to house a large area without internal supports.
1. Who developed the first dome that could be called "geodesic"?
2. Who popularized this type of dome and named it “geodesic”?
3. Show a picture of a geodesic dome.
Frame 11:
Show the median salary for a beginning Civel Engineer. Find it on