Dr Greg Doran

Dr Greg Doran
Phone: +61 2 6933 4470
E-mail : gdoran@csu.edu.au
Career Brief
After completing a BSc at Latrobe University, where he majored in
chemistry/biochemistry, Dr Doran commenced postgraduate studies at RMIT
University achieving a MAppSc in inorganic analytical spectroscopy. He then worked
for a short period as a laboratory chemist with CSIRO, Melbourne before returning to
university to undertake a PhD at CSU in Wagga Wagga investigating the fate of
pesticides in rice bays. After completion of a PhD, he was appointed Lecturer in
chemistry at CSU’s School of Science and Technology, which became Wine and
Food Sciences, which became Agricultural and Wine Sciences.
Research and Teaching Activities
Pesticide fate in rice bays
Remediation of diesel contaminated sites
First year chemistry, 2nd analytical chemistry and 3rd year instrumental analysis
Agricultural and environmental chemistry
Selected Publications
Doran, G; Eberbach, P; Helliwell, S 2008 The mobility of thiobencarb and fipronil in
two flooded rice-growing soilsJ. Environ. Sci. Health, Part B. B43(6)
Doran, G; Eberbach, P; Helliwell, S The sorption and degradation of the rice
pesticides fipronil and thiobencarb on two Australian rice soils 2006 Australian
Journal of Soil Research, 44 (6): 599-610
Doran, G; Eberbach, P; Helliwell, S 2006 The impact of rice plant roots on the
reducing conditions in flooded rice soils Chemosphere, 63 (11): 1892-1902 Jun 2006
Doran, G; Helliwell, S; Eberbach, P 2005 Extraction of fipronil and thiobencarb from
anaerobic water samples using solid-phase extraction Journal of AOAC International,
88 (3): 854-859 May-Jun 2005