Problem Set 3

Physical Oceanography
Problem Set 3
Due Sep 17, 2008
A parcel of fluid is raised from the middle of layer 2 to 30 meters
above the interface between layers 1 and 2, and then released.
layer 1, density = 1025
layer 2, density = 1030
layer 3, density = 1033
(Each layer is 40 m thick)
a) What is the parcel's speed when it reaches the middle of layer 2?
b) How long does it take the parcel to fall through layer 2?
c) How far does the parcel sink in layer 3?
d) How far up does the parcel then go? (note the ocean floor is completely
e) Rather than being layered as shown above, assume the density varies
linearly with depth and is equal to 1027 kg/m3 at 10m and 1029 kg/m3 at
50m, what would be the period of oscillation of a parcel of fluid lowered
from 30 m to 50 m and then released?