Southern Charm Labradoodles
Carol Dean/owner
This agreement is between Carol Dean and:
Name: _____________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________
The dog pursuant to the terms of this agreement is as follows:
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
DOB: _____________________ Color: ______________ Microchip #/ Tattoo: ________________________
Hip Results: ______________________________________ Registration #: _____________________________
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
DOB: _____________________ Color: ______________ Microchip #/ Tattoo: ________________________
Hip Results: ______________________________________ Registration #: _____________________________
1. ___________________________
2. ___________________________
A. Bitch must be current with all vaccinations and in good health, free of hereditary defects, parasites or
infections and of good temperament. Copies of current vaccination/worming records are required.
B. Bitch owner must provide stud dog owner copies of all health testing completed. Minimum tests required
for stud service to be provided are OFA or PennHIP, and CERF.
C. Bitch must have progesterone levels tested to determine accurate timing for breeding. Stud dog owner
may waive the progesterone test requirement at their discretion for natural breedings only.
D. Natural breeding will consist of at least two successful ties between bitch and stud with 24-48 hours in
between. AI breeding will consist of one or two collections from stud, and one or two successful
inseminations with bitch for traditional or transcervical AI. Surgical AI will consist of one shipment of
frozen or chilled semen. Bitch owner is responsible for collection and shipping payments of semen.
E. A recent negative culture and brucellosis test done within 14 days of breeding are required before stud
service will be provided for natural breedings.
F. Bitch owners must be willing and able to provide care for the litter, and agree that no puppies from the
litter will be sold to pet stores or other wholesale outlets, pet brokers or dealers.
G. Bitch owner is in agreement that the puppies will be sold under a strict spay neuter contract.
The number of puppies that may be retained as potential breeders from a resulting litter is limited to two
female puppies. No male puppies may be kept for breeders. Only one female may be sold to another
breeding program or 2 females may kept for breeders own program.
H. If stud dog owner is taking pick puppy as payment for stud fee, pick puppy is included in the two puppy
limit being retained as potential breeders.
I. If stud owner is taking pick puppy as stud fee, stud owner will be allowed 6 weeks after the birth of the
litter to determine which puppy will be chosen as payment for stud service. Bitch owner will not allocate
pet puppies or choose any puppies to retain as breeders until stud dog owner has determined which puppy
is being taken as stud fee payment. Stud dog owner has the right to name the puppy, including the use of
the kennel prefix “Southern Charm’s” before the puppy’s name. Bitch owner agrees that pick puppy will
remain with the litter until at least 8 weeks of age and will have had at least one vaccine administered.
Fecal sample will be checked at Bitch owners expense and confirmed negative for coccidia, giardia or
other parasites before puppy is picked up or delivered to stud owner. If fecal sample tests positive for
parasites, treatment for parasites is at Bitch owner’s expense.
J. Bitch must be examined by a veterinarian and have an ultrasound between days 25 and 30 after breeding
to confirm pregnancy, or an x-ray after day 55 to confirm pregnancy. Ultrasound or x-ray results must be
provided to stud owner.
K. Should no pregnancy or less than 2 puppies occur, a 2 nd stud service will be offered if a cash stud fee was
paid. Repeat service will only be provided to the same bitch pursuant to the terms of this agreement unless
other arrangements are mutually agreed upon. If stud fee would have been pick puppy from a resulting
litter, a repeat breeding may be agreed upon under the conditions of another contract, the $250 service fee
is non refundable(see section 6B). A culture or veterinary exam, and a vet report indicating that bitch is
not pregnant will be required at bitch owner’s expense before a 2 nd stud service will be provided. Vet
report must include date of exam determining non-pregnancy, and any related findings regarding the
bitch’s health. Should the bitch’s health be in question and if her health may have contributed to her not
getting pregnant, stud dog owner has the right to decline offering a 2 nd stud service.
L. Two or more puppies whelped live constitutes a litter. If there is only a single puppy the original stud
service must be paid and a repeat breeding will be offered as….Per provision K above.
M. Bitch owner must provide stud dog owner information regarding puppies born in a litter including the date
of whelping, the number of puppies born, gender, and color.
N. Bitch owner agrees to provide all families purchasing puppies from the resultant litter with information
regarding the stud, including stud’s registration number, health test information, and any other pertinent
O. Bitch owner understands that if natural breeding is provided and bitch is in the care of stud dog owner,
should bitch do damage to property or cause injury to stud dog or any person assisting in breeding, bitch
owner is liable and responsible for all fees that result from damage or injury. Fees will be paid to stud dog
owner immediately, and bitch will be returned to bitch owner at the soonest time possible.
A. The stud fee for this service is $___________, due at the time Bitch is delivered for breeding, or before
collection and shipment will take place for AI services, OR pick puppy from litter. A mutual “sperm
exchange” using each others studs may also be done in lieu of monetary payment. Bitch owner is
responsible for all shipping and insemination fees. See section 5:K and L.
B. If stud fee is to be pick puppy from the litter weather collection and shipment of semen for AI or a natural
breeding, bitch owner agrees to a breeding fee of $250 to stud dog owner at the time of breeding.
Breeding fee is not refunded should bitch not become pregnant as this fee is stud dog owner’s
compensation for time spent breeding, housing bitch or travel to ship semen.etc. Another breeding will be
offered if full stud fee has been paid up front.
C. Any other fees necessary for breeding including shipment of bitch, transportation to and from airport to
breeder, artificial insemination fees and vet fees, are the responsibility of the bitch owner.
STUD OWNER signature and date:
BITCH OWNER signature and date: