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Ukrainian population census
Distribution of the population by marital status (0,1)
Thematic section:
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Demographic characteristics and birth rate
Thematic group:
Marital status
The current accounting of marriages takes into account only marriage which are registered legally.
Marriage is considered contracted from the moment of its registration in the bodies of state registration of civil status acts.
Total marriage coefficient (marriages per 1000 persons of actual population) is calculated as the ratio of the number of registered
marriages during a calendar year to the average annual number of actual population.
Census dates:
Units of
Annual average population is calculated as the mean arithmetic value at the beginning and the end of a year.
census date
1979(17.01), 1989(12.01), 2001(05.12)
0 – Ukraine, 1 - Region and towns of state importance
persons, percent
Information is given for the population of 15 years old and over.
In some cases small deviations of the results from the sum of constituents are explained by rounding the data and also due to the
persons which did not respond to certain questions of the census questionnaire.
Extra notes:
The list of settlements of administrative-territorial division (variable Region) is presented in transliteration.
The English version of some transliterated Ukrainian words is presented below:
Region = rehion / oblast
City = misto (m.)
Council (municipality) = rada
City council = miskrada
State Statistics Service of Ukraine. Main Statistical Office in L’viv region