biografia short

Born in Montreal (Canada) on June 2, 1970.
In 1980, he moves with his family to Genoa, Italy.
After obtaining his high school diploma in Chemical Technician qualifications in 1989, he leaves Italy to live in the
U.S.A. where he manages to support himself through odd jobs and study in Los Angeles.
In '94 he comes back to Italy and participates in the “Maurizio Costanzo Show”. He becomes a regular guest
appearing every week for eight months. His career in Italy has now begun.
Italian, English, Spanish.
1993 “ Acting Class” Joe Palese - Canada
1999 – 2001 “Duse” Francesca De Sapio - Rome ( Italy)
2002 “UCLA -Theatre Laboratory” S. Henderson - Los Angeles (U.S.A.)
2004 “ International Acting School ” Dominique De Fazio - Rome (Italy)
1990 Shorts for Social work -Italy. 1990 “American Dreaming” - U.S.A. – directed by W. Nudo
"The boys of the night" directed by J Calà.
“The return of Fantozzi ” directed by N. Parenti
“What girls don’t say” directed by E. Vanzina
"Saint John, the Apocalypse" directed by R. Mertes
- Programs1994 “Maurizio Costanzo Show”, Channel 5, Guest for 8 consecutive months
1997 – 1998 "Lightning Bolt " di C. Laudisio . Italia 1; program host
2000 “You’ve got mail” M. De Filippi , Channel 5 ; correspondent
2005 “Galà of Advertising” Channel 5; Host
2003 “Survivor VIP”(“Island of the famous 1”) Reality show, Channel Rai 2; Winner
2006 “The Olympics for the four editions of “Survivor VIP” (“Island of the famous”) Rai 2, Overall Winner for all four
annual editions
- TV Films 1998 “The Bold and The Beautiful” (CBS) U.S.A.
2000 “Stories Revealed” directed by E. Imparato , TVS
2002 “Carabinieri 2”, fiction, Channel 5
2003 “A Place in the Sun”, fiction , RAI 3
2004 – 2005 “The Enchantment 7”, fiction, RAI 2 ; starring lead role
2005 - 2006 “The Enchantment 8”, fiction, RAI 2 ; starring lead role
2007 “ Carabinieri 6 “, fiction, Channel 5; starring lead role
2008 “ Carabinieri 7 “, fiction, Channel 5; starring lead role
1987 Karate : Black belt
1987 Kumite : Italian champion, category 75 kg
1996 – 1997 Boxing; Heavy weight and Super heavy weight, ten matches: eight wins, and one tie.
Marathon : 2002 “The New York Marathon”, 3 hours 52’40’’
2006 “ Treviso Marathon” , testimonial, 3 hours 57’26”
Voice and guitar with his band in live concerts in the most renown venues and squares in Italy.
Music from the sixties, seventies and eighties.
2003 – Winner of the first edition of “SURVIVOR VIP” Rai 2
2004 - The “TV GRAND PRIX INTERNATIONAL” Prize in the category of “Reality Show”
For “Survivor VIP” (“The Island of the Famous”)
2004 –“The King Arechi Golden Award” at the 57th edition of the
2005 – Judge for the selection of MISS UNIVERSE - Croatia
2005 – Award at the “MONTECARLO FILM FESTIVAL”
2006 - Overall winner of the “SURVIVOR VIP OLIMPICS” RAI 2
2006 – Nomination for the “TELEGROLLE 2006” Award for best actor in a TV film series in the role of Antonio
Corradi in “The Encantment 7”
2006 – Special Award at the “GOLDEN CHEST FILM FESTIVAL in Plodvid – Bulgaria
2006 – Torch bearer at the “XX WINTER OLYMPICS in TURIN” - Italy
2007 – Special Guest at the “GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL” – Italy
2008 – Finalist as a singer on the TV program “Recommended People” (“I RACCOMANDATI”) RAI 1
Since 1998 Vice president of the CELANO BOXING Association in Genoa - Italy
Charitable Activities
TESTIMONIAL “ADMO” Association for Bone Marrow Donors
FRIEND of the Association “I LOVE ANIMALS” (“AMOGLIANIMALI”) (Association for the care and well being
of Animals)
SUPPORTER of the Association “RING AROUND THE ROSY for the MEYER” to support scientific research at
the Onco-Hematology Ward at the CENTER for BONE MARROW and STEM CELL TRANSPLANTS in the “Anna
Meyer” Pediatric Hospital in Florence.
MEMBER of the football team of the “NATIONAL SINGERS ASSOCIATION” whose goal is to support
cooperation projects for the care of those less fortunate and in need of help.
TESTIMONIAL for the “TREVISO MARATHON” a recurring annual event connected to cooperation activities
through projects in favor of the “cartoneros”, the less fortunate inhabitants of the outskirts of Buenos Aires.
SUPPORTER of the “A.G.B.D.” Association of Parents of Children with Down Syndrome
SUPPORTER of the “ ADRICESTA” - The Italian Association for Donations for Stem Cell Research, Transplants
and Assistance particularly directed to children and adolescents.