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Words and Meanings
A set of proposals that might become a law, if Parliament agrees.
The country is divided up into different constituencies for elections.
Each constituency elects an MSP to look after it.
A formal discussion that takes place between the MSPs in the Debating
Chamber of the Parliament. In a debate arguments from different points of
view are exchanged and aired. It will often lead to a vote.
Constituency MSPs:
These MSPs are elected to represent one particular Constituency
in Scotland. There are 73 of them.
Members of the Scottish Parliament. The individuals elected to serve and
represent the people of Scotland in Parliament. There are 129 MSPs.
Regional MSPs:
These MSPs are elected by a proportional representation system. There are
56 Regional MSPs in the Scottish Parliament. They have the same
responsibilities as Constituency MSPs, although they cover a larger area.
To act on behalf of someone else.
MSPs represent the people living in the area where they were elected.
Scottish Government:
The Government of Scotland is formed by the party or parties holding a
majority of seats in the Parliament. It includes the First Minister and a
Cabinet of Ministers who have specific responsibilities eg. The Cabinet
Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning.
When MSPs ask questions and keep an eye on the Government. They also
study bills going through Parliament.