Shakespeare - Compare and Contrast

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Hera Ahmad Khan
May 02, 2013
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Hera Ahmad Khan
May 02 2013
a. 12th Night
b. She’s the man
c. After watching the movie and reading the book it was easy to find the similarities
and difference between them.
a. Point of view
b. Characters
c. Themes
a. Setting
b. Plot
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Hera Ahmad Khan
May 02, 2013
Shakespeare: Compare and contrast
12th Night is a comedic play written by William Shakespeare in the 1600s. It is also
sometimes referred to as What You Will. The play is about a girl named Viola who disguises
herself as a man so she could serve the Duke and ends up falling in love with him. Things get
more complicated when she is sent to Lady Olivia to convince her to marry the Duke but the
Lady falls in love with her (disguised as a man.) Inspired by this story, in 2006, a movie was
called She’s the Man was made. After watching the movie you can see that the main idea of it is
similar to the book but there are still many differences between them.
The main similarity between them is the point of view. In both, the movie and the book,
the point of view is of a second person. That is because they are both in dialogue format. The
other similarity is that the main characters are alike. Both stories have Olivia, Duke, Viola and
Sebastian. Even other characters are similar but some of them have different names. For
example, in the book Sir Andrew is after Oliva while in the movie it is a boy named Malcolm. In
the book Maria is Olivia’s servant while in the movie she is her best friend. Toby is Oiliva’s
uncle and Andrew is his friend, in the book but in the movie they are both friends of Duke who
are also in the soccer team. Malvolio, Olivia’s servant in the book is the name of Malcolm’s
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tarantula in the movie. Even though the characters have different names their importance in the
story is similar. Also, in the book Viola pretends to be Cesario while in the movie she pretends to
be Sebastian. The name Cesario, in the movie, is used for the pizza parlor. In the book Illyria is
the name of the city where the story is taking place while in the movie it is the name of the
school. The last similarity between both, the movie and the book are that the themes are the
same. They are both about a love triangle between Duke, Olivia and Viola. In both the stories
Duke uses Viola to get Olivia to marry/date him. Olivia ends up falling in love with the disguised
Viola which angers Duke who feels like he’s been betrayed by Cesario/Sebastian as he thought
he was his friend. In both stories when everything is cleared up Olivia ends up with Sebastian,
Viola’s brother while Duke ends up with Viola.
The differences in the stories are the setting and the plot. The book is set in 1600s when
Shakespeare wrote it while the movie is set in more modern times. The movie is based around
Viola and her love for soccer. When her school cuts the girls soccer team, she wants to try out
for the boys team but they just laugh at her so instead she pretends to be her brother, who is
going to London without telling anyone, and joins the boys team in a school called Illyria. The
book does not even mention anything about soccer. Also, instead of taking over the identity of
her brother Viola creates a whole person and calls herself Cesario. Her friend Paul changes her
look in the movie while in the book a sailor helps her get the fnew identity. In the book Olivia is
mourning because her father and brother had died and refuses to talk to anybody and marry for
seven years. In the movie Olivia is sad because her boyfriend broke up with her and she does not
want to be in a relationship again. Also, in the book Sebastian and Viola’s parents her dead, their
father dies on Viola’s thirteenth birthday while in the movie they are alive but divorced. Another
difference is that in the book Viola finds out that Oliva, who thinks she’s Cesario, likes her when
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she sends her a ring through Malvolio but in the book Olivia, who is talking to Viola directly,
tells her she likes a boy called Sebastian. Also, in the book Cesario serves the Duke so asks for
nothing in return when he is asked to go talk to Olivia for him but in the movie Duke promises to
help Sebastian improve his soccer skill if he helps her with Olivia. Lastly, in the movie Viola has
an ex boyfriend, Justin, who made fun of her for wanting to join the boys soccer team by saying
that girls are not as good as guys. She joins another soccer team so she could beat him and show
him he is wrong. In the book there is no such character as Justin.
In conclusion, the movie is inspired by the book but it is not a complete adaptation of it.
They are both great sources of entertainment in their own way.
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