Diversity Amid Globalization

Diversity Amid Globalization
Chapter 1 Key Terms/Concepts Review/Study Guide
*Below is a list of terms you should be familiar with for the Ch. 1 test.
The format of the test is multiple choice (15), T/F 13), AND a writing
section on the 5 Themes of Geography (you must be able to NAME them
& ID examples) and Interpreting Demographics. Total points on test =
5 themes of geography (notes handout – be able to name & ID examples)
Globalization - definition, characteristics, impact
WTO – goal and purpose
IMF - goal and purpose
World Bank – goal and purpose
Transnational corporations
Demographics –
 explain and know examples of…refer to the table on
page 18 in your text and the updating & interpreting assignment
from class…also your notes on the DVD “World in the Balance” will be
helpful with this section of the test.
Geometric boundaries & ethnographic boundaries
Material and non-material culture
3 views on globalization…pro, con, middle road position & supporting
ideas with detail as discussed in text and class…
Additional Economics Vocabulary Terms (class handout)
Rate of natural increase
Total fertility rate
Push forces vs. pull forces
Centrifugal forces vs. centripetal forces
Urbanized population
Urban primacy
Squatter settlements
Economic development
GNI per capita
Sustainable development