Collection and design concept

Collection and design concept
”My soul – the little black number”
by Helle Robertson Forslund for Robert&Blad
With this collection we want to open up to a whole new way of thinking
about consumption and sustainability. The collection is conceptual and
innovative with longevity as its guiding ligth.
The idea originated from the feeling that by accepting the expectations of
continually new designs and the very short lifespan of each season, I as
a designer degrade the value of my own work. I insist that my designs
last a lot longer than that! There is no point in talking about good design
and quality if we keep throwing things away long before they are worn
Concequently this collection consists of some fairly new pieces and
some that are several years old. A ”greatest hit / best in show” selection
if you wish. So these are designs that have already stod the test of time
to some degree. They have also been tested, worn, and improved. The
collection will evolve naturally as it goes along, by the addition of new
favourite pieces.
The fabrics have been choosen with the ambition to create an
environmentally sound collection. Currently we use hemp/lycra jersey,
Gots-certified organic cotton and recycled wool.
Very simple construction and cut gives a clean, but interesting and
sculptural appeal to the pieces. Quite a few of the designs can be worn
in multiple ways, such as back to front, collars tied in different styles,
belts tied around or pulled back, thus creating a new silhouette.
Four words to sum up the spirit of the collection:
Ease simplifying life
Pleasure- enjoyment of wearing a good product
Comfort- feeling relaxed and assured
Luxury- those three together is the new luxury!
Helle Robertson Forslund / designer