Technical Infrastructure Projects

Technical Infrastructure Projects
The Technical Infrastructure teams are responsible for a range of activities including:
Service specification
Service delivery and support
Service improvements including developments that may be categorised as short,
medium or long term projects
The teams are organised into specialist groups covering, Networks, Network operating
systems, Desktop support, Server support and computer security. The following sections
identify the current projects associated with each team including projects that are
collaborative projects between teams.
Network Team
The Network team consists of 9 FTE staff and is responsible for the campus network
infrastructure including backbone and building cabling infrastructure, Routing and
switching services, multimedia communications and the ClydeNET metropolitan area
network. The projects associated with the Network team are as follows:
Network Upgrades
SRIF2 and SRIF3 monies are available this financial year to perform Network upgrades
to Local Area Networks within University buildings and to commence a Campus
Backbone Router Upgrade programme. It is planned to use an existing framework
agreement with NTL to purchase the layer2 and layer3 equipment required for these
upgrades. The project plans are as follows:
Design new campus backbone network – March/April 2006
Commence Procurement of new backbone routers May 2006
Address any backbone fibre issues associated with backbone design from April
Configure and test new Routing equipment July 2006
Commence new Router installation from August to be complete by end of
February at the latest. NB router purchases and installations may be staged to
accommodate technical issues, service levels and financial profiles
Staff resources 3 FTE
Expected spend 410K
Upgrade Building LAN infrastructure
o Assign territorial project managers and project teams on a faculty basis –
March 2006
Identify faculty requirements – April 2006
Review requirements and costs and agree work programmes April 2006
Purchase layer2/3 equipment – May 2006
Configure and test layer2/3 equipment – June/July 2006
Commence upgrade programmes – July 2006
Flexible Access Upgrades
If funding becomes available then a targeted expansion of the Flexible access service will
be implemented providing total coverage within the Library and Reading room and
partial coverage within a number of other priority buildings. The project would be
completed by the end of September 2006. The implementation plan would be:
Procure the backend infrastructure by the end of April 2006
Commission the backend infrastructure by mid June 2006
Procure the APs by mid June 2006
Commence AP installation late June 2006
Project to be completed by the end of August 2006
ClydeNET Upgrades
SuperJANET 5 requires significant upgrades to the ClydeNET metropolitan Area
Network infrastructure in order to take advantage of improved Network resilience. In
addition the Scottish Funding Council has made significant funds available to ClydeNET
over the next five years to implement further improvements to the ClydeNET
infrastructure such that it matches the SuperJANET 5 development programme. The first
phase of these upgrades will commence this March 2006 and will involve migrating
ClydeNET to the new SJ5 backbone and commissioning a new SJ5 backbone access site
within the DR room (512) within the Boyd Orr building. Further details on timescales
and deliverables are contained in the ClydeNET funding bid to UKERNA.
Technical Infrastructure Teams Project summaries
Network Team
Network upgrades for Campus backbone routers and Local Area Networks within
University buildings
Flexible Network Service expansion to support a student ‘Laptop for Learning’
ClydeNET upgrades associate with SJ5 developments and ClydeNETS 5 year
Netware Team
Netware server upgrades to latest version of Netware an e-directory
Netware server Backup improvements
Netware server consolidation
Netware service disaster recovery
Directory Integration for improved user ID management and user account
Netware File and print serving strategy review
CSCE development – XP version
Student Laptop for Learning service definition and implementation
Desktop Support Team
Serviced Staff Desktop development = SSD5
Antivirus review and re procurement
SSD/CSCE integration
SSD deployment improvements
Security Team
Policy Review and development
BS7799 tracking and response to gap analysis
Security training programme
Incident handling and security guidelines for all
KPI specification and implementation
Server Support Team
SAN developments
Backup improvements
Disaster recovery and Disaster recovery site
Exchange Migration
Active Directory support procedures
Core support applications Development
o Web, web caches
o E-Mail
o Moodle
Server Registration implementation to support network segmentation
Server Room improvements
Joint Projects
Server registration – All with Security team as lead
Patch management – All with Security team as lead
Active Directory – All with Netware team as lead
Exchange – Server and Network teams
Directory Integration – All including MIS with Netware team as lead
Student ‘Laptop for Learning’ projects – all with Netware/DST as leads
Disaster recovery - All
KPI specification and implementation - All
Joint MIS Projects
Project Name
Team Composition
AIMS Desktop
Active Directory
Student Server(s)
Provide a dedicated fileserver for all
AIMS desktop filestore
Implementation of Active Directory for
Corporate Systems
Replacement of current Students Records
MIS staff to be moved to Exchange
Frank, Mark, Derek
A test environment for Agresso
Implementation of Single Sign-on for
Corporate systems
Provision of data from SRS and HR to the
ID and Account Management system
Development and Implementation of DR
& BC processes
Ensuring that adequate overall back-up
exists and proper w/p are in place
Streamlining the Back-up tape transfer to
secure locations
Integration of Moodle with Corporate
Derek, Barry, Frank
Migration from
Eudora to Exchange
Build of Server for
Agresso 4.5
Single Sign-on
ID and Account
Disaster Recovery and
Business Continuity
Machine Room
Back-up logistics
Pete, Barry
John, Derek and
Elaine and Gavin
Barry and Dave
Dave, Helen, Tim
Derek, John
Elaine, Derek
Derek and Elaine