SVMI Tools for Implementing Mathematical Practices and Common

SVMI Tools for Implementing Mathematical Practices and
Common Core Standards
1. Use MAC tasks, Problem of the Month, and Tools for Teachers to
a. Illustrate meaning and complexity of Practices & Standards
b. Elevate expectations of teachers for what students are capable of achieving
c. Help teachers anticipate and prepare for misconceptions
 tools for educators
 2012 Tools for Teachers
Content Specifications for Summative
Assessment of CCSS Mathematics pg. 94-145
2. Observation Tool For Principals and Coaches
a. Help Principals Look for Evidence of Practices
b. Manageable Size
c. Facilitate Dialog on Implementation by Focusing on Student Action
 gives Phil Daro video explaining the
tool and how it has been used and gives copy for the card
3. Mathematical Reasoning Inventory – Marilyn Burns
a. Gives masters for question cards for students
b. Form for coding student responses
c. Report forms for student and class
d. Professional development videos for administering the tasks and student
videos of reasoning
4. 2012 8th Grade MAC test
a. Understand the 8th grade Mathematics Common Core Course and the deep
rich mathematical expectations for students
b. Includes rich Algebra Strand but also works to expand and deepen
understanding and facility with other strands
c. Use as Placement Test or Summative Test - Could your 7th graders pass this
test? Could your Algebra and Geometry students meet standard on test?
d. Facilitate Course Discussion with Staff and Parents – Is this the mathematics
we want students to be able to know and do?
5. Implementing Formative Assessment Lessons at Middle School
and High School
a. How do we create classroom culture?
b. How do we facilitate “staff” doing mathematics together to understand
purpose of the lesson, understand the mathematics before giving it to
students, work as a learning community to discuss techniques, purpose of
using student work, types of comments to put on student papers, how to
have a plenary discussion? What are the important mathematical ideas to
be drawn from students? What teacher moves help hold all students
accountable for their own learning?
c. Making time for lessons?
contains problem solving and
concept develop lessons for middle school and high school