faith - Arts Action DC

Response to the ARTS ACTION Questionnaire
By Mayoral Candidate, FAITH
Addressing Citywide issues
Implement legislation which will ensure that the function and
integrity of the arts, in all their forms, be fully infused into the
creation of a new inter-cultural governmental paradigm. STARS
WAR is a mechanism delivering arts and entertainment 24 hours
around the clock while simultaneously purifying and transforming
a government, designed to be dysfunctional, into becoming a
participatory democracy –involving community input through
access to the arts and their many marvelous facets of expression
and communication. Indeed, art and culture is the connective tissue
of Democracy without which a communication in a pluralist
society may not exist.
Personal Connection
I studied dance under scholarship with American Master of Dance,
Ted Shawn, at Jacob’s Pillow and the Italian Cachets technique
under Madame Toscanini. I participated for 3 years in the east and
west coast Actors’ Studio, and have been in several Broadway
shows including the hit show and movie, Gypsy as Miss Mazeppa.
My mother, a concert pianist studied under Arthur Schnabel
through the Arts Outreach of President FDRoosevelt’s New Deal.
As mayor I will bring forth a new Intercultural State of the Arts. I
say Inter-cultural not only in the inclusive but inter-related sense, a
distinction recognizing arts power to combat pain and alienation
and poverty while bringing joy and healing to ALL the
community. As part of my life experience and discipline I have
engineered a plan for a whole new Intercultural Arts State- a
government of art that is a work of ART, connecting EVERYONE
Arts Education and Programs for our Youth
This area will be pivotal in applying a focus of resources,
especially of the human kind-that of teaching artists (in person and
through satellite). Arts will be infused throughout the school
curriculum providing beneficial physical, mental and emotional
health of the youth and the community in general. Many leading
and simultaneously unemployed artists can/ will teach and give
master classes fed into the communities, its schools, senior and
youth centers by artists giving back to the community and in some
cases receiving stipends, in other cases donating monies. There
will evolve a natural ebb and flow of funding as the communities
grow and invest in this holistic human and humane development.
The arts will also provide a training ground for basic social skills
as well as a gateway to employment and other productive
outcomes for the youth.
The New Administrations Role in the Creative
I think the mayor’s role is to facilitate access to the many benefits
of the arts to the greater community. And that delivery of the arts,
“penicillin”, so to speak, will require the participation and
involvement of several/many governmental agencies including:
Mental Health, Health and Human Services, Office of Aging,
Youth Services, Corrections, Office of Employment, etc.
It is also the mayor’s the role to involve the Creative Community
in supporting the nurturance of talent and access to the arts in the
neighborhood community centers and schools and to recognize the
community as an asset and a resource worthy of it’s investment
and partnership.
Economics and the Creative Community
Yes, of course the funding will naturally be commensurate and the
government will be so structured as to nurture more artistic
expression and outreach than done currently. The challenge and
responsibility here is not to just make DC a world-class arts center
but to do so in a way that manifests positive fallout affecting and
involving the greater community. The Roosevelt’s Arts Order –
Stars War will achieve that positive fallout, combating poverty and
A World Class Arts Destination
This is that decisive question which is so encouraging because it
connects the dots back to that precious resource of the community,
it’ s richness, it’s history, and it’s peoples. It’s lack of participation
in democracy!!! A shame, which will be apparent when the
tourists understand what’s happening to us, is what’s also
happening to them. It will be through the expression of art,
transmitting history, struggle, identity, that the country will
experience the contradiction existing in it’s capital and participate
in correcting an injustice which permeates throughout the land. In
this way the tourists and the city will be able to reconcile the
dichotomy of “ the Mall” and the neighborhoods.
Your Priorities
To bring DC Statehood to the Nation through a plebiscite as a
national referendum making DC a new State of the Arts. Also to
showcase the New Intercultural Arts State – New Columbia as a
model for a holistic government facilitating a participatory
democracy manifest through the arts.
This State of Art will be a shelter against Pain and Poverty and can
be spread throughout the country.
(Please visit www. Faith4mayor and study the wheel titled the
Working of the Will of the People)
Through my life experience and disciplines I have engineered a plan for a whole new
Intercultural Arts State.