Star Walk of Fame Promotion

You are a Super Star!
After 4 years at the Ridge, we believe that you are a Super Star! Have
you ever dreamed of being on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Well,
here is your chance, Iroquois style.
 It is $40 per star
 Applications are on Ms. Patterson’s and the Parents’ Corner
 Your name, dates you attended Iroquois and a short personal
quote can be written in gold on a star on IRHS’ Walk of Fame.
*All proceeds go towards a school scholarship.
Dear Parents/Guardians of the Graduating Class of 2012,
We, the Student Voice Committee, are planning to award a scholarship to a deserving
member of this year’s graduating class. In order to raise funds for this endeavour, we will
be selling “Graduate Stars”. These Graduate Stars are custom made, metallex, 6” stars
from New Style and Signs Ltd. Each star comes in a gold background, and will have the
name of the graduating student along with a memorable quotation by the student in black
letters. These Stars will be installed in the school and will be used to create the “IRHS
Walk/Wall of Fame”, forever marking the place of the student in the history of our school.
Including the price of installation, each star costs $40.00. These Stars are a wonderful
graduation gift idea!
Please complete the following information, so that we can place your order. All forms
must be submitted to Ms. Patterson no later than Tuesday May 29, 2012. Questions
should be forwarded to Kathryn Patterson via e-mail
Graduate Stars Order Form
Full name of graduating student:______________________________________________
First period class of student: _______________ First period teacher: _________________
Name of parent/guardian: ___________________________________________________
Phone number of parent/guardian: ____________________________________________
Customizing your Graduate Star:
My customized, metallex, 6” Graduate Star will have my name as follows:
A Quotation (maximum 13 words)_____________________________________________
Method of Payment:
I have enclosed:
Cash: $40.00
(please circle one)
Cheque: $40.00 made payable to Iroquois Ridge High School
Signature of parent/guardian: _________________________________________________
Last day for you to order is May 29, 2012.
All materials should be received at IRHS by mid-June.
If you have any additional concerns or comments, please visit the Student Voice
Meeting every Monday @ 11:30 in the Room 215 or contact Ms. Patterson
 Thank you for your time 