wj keenan high school syllabus

Course Study: Fundamental, Community, Domestic,
Recreation/Leisure, and Vocational Objectives
Materials: Worksheets, Computer Games, Educational Kits – An
Instructional Manipulative Series (AIMS) on Money, Time and PreReading, Edmark Functional Word Series on Grocery Store Words,
Restaurant Words, Job /Work Words, and Signs Around You 1 and 2. Sight
Word Readers by Scholastic Professional Books. Literacy component
consist of the following: Guinea Pig in the Garage by Ben M. Baglios and
Bunnies in the Bathroom by Ben M. Baglios.
Assessment: Teacher Test and Teacher Observation
Instructor: Jacqueline Taylor
Telephone Number:
714 -2500—Ext. 3109 / 3107
E- Mail: jtaylor@richlandone.org
Administrator Approval: _______________________________
Fundamental Objectives – The student will develop an ability to interact
appropriately with peers, adults, and family members. They will develop those skills
necessary to function within the community. The fundamental objectives will address
functional academic skills that students will need in their future environment. All lessons
will stress concrete learning using meaningful instructional materials.
Community Objectives – The students will develop an ability to use department
stores for shopping, restaurant, grocery stores and recreational establishments. They will
demonstrate basic functional academic skills when using these communities based
Domestic Objectives - The students will develop an ability to take care of their
personal needs. They will prepare a simple nutritious meal, care for their clothing and
maintain their desk/tables. Students will learn the necessary skill to clean a house.
Recreation /Leisure Objectives- The student will develop an ability to participate in
competitive games. They will engage in individualized recreational and leisure activities
while using community recreational facilities. They will be provided an opportunity to
participate in leisure activities during breaks and lunch hours.
Vocational Objectives- The vocational domain trains students to be as productive and
independent as possible. Vocational training allows students to learn functional skills.
These training skills enable them to become contributing members of the community.
Students with demonstrated ability will participate in a job-training site at Palmetto
Richland Memorial Hospital. They also perform work activities around the Keenan High
School Campus. Students will develop those skills necessary to apply for and hold
sheltered/competitive jobs. They will develop functional mathematics, reading and work
skills with increasing speed and accuracy.
Grading Procedure: No student receives a grade lower than a “C”. This grade is
earned for good work effort. The student earns a “B” with mastery of 1 objectives and
great work effort. The student earns an “A” in the class for mastery of 2 or more
objectives and excellent work effort.
Classroom rules:
Listen Carefully.
Follow directions.
Work quietly. Do not disturb others who are working.
Respect others. Be kind with your words and actions.
Respect schools and personal property.
Work and play safely.
Positive reinforcement and praise is given throughout the day for completion of task,
desire responses and acceptable behavior.
Student Supplies that are needed:
Wide-rule notebook paper
No. 2 pencils
Color pencils or washable color markers
A box of tissues