Covalent Bonding Quiz

Covalent Bonding Quiz
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1. ____A bond in which an atom contributes two electrons is:
a. a double covalent bond
b. an ionic bond
c. a polar covalent bond
d. a coordinate covalent bond
2. ____A bond formed between two atoms in which each atom contributes a bonding
electron is called a:
a. polar bond
b. double covalent bond
c. coordinate covalent bond
d. single covalent bond
3. ____The electron dot structure for hydrogen sulfide, H2S, is:
a. H S
b. H S H
c. H S
d. H H S
4. ____True or False (circle one) A three-atom molecule is bent.
5. ____A covalent bond formed between two elements that have an electronegativity
difference of 1.6 would be:
a. a nonpolar bond
b. a very polar bond
c. a moderately polar bond
d. an ionic bond
6. ____Which of the following molecules is polar?
a. O2
b. Cl2
c. CO2
d. HCl
7. ____We would expect a bond formed between a silicon atom and an oxygen atom to be:
a. an ionic bond
b. a coordinate covalent bond
c. a polar covalent bond
d. a nonpolar covalent bond
8. ____Which of theses elements does not exist as a diatomic molecule?
a. I
b. F
c. H
d. He
9. ____Which of the following is not a covalent compound?
a. SCl2 b. KCl
c. HCl
d. S2Cl2
10. ____If a bonding pair of electrons is shared unequally between two atoms, the bond is:
a. Ionic
b. nonpolar covalent
c. coordinate covalent
d. polar covalent
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