press release

Mölln, June 2014
In the future, parquet flooring manufacturer Boen intends to offer its customers
more than simply quality flooring. With its new brand concept ‘style advisor’, it
will accompany vendors and customers through the purchasing process in an
innovative and goal-oriented manner.
This concept will make it much easier to find the right flooring from Boen. It is based on the
customer desire to purchase not simply flooring, but instead to design their own four walls in
their own individual style – full of personality and functionality.
Four distinctive styles are at the centre of the new concept that was developed jointly
with the interior-design adviser and style expert Helle Tjaberg (Norway). All feature clear
historic references but will also set future trends: Pure Nordic, Modern Rustic, Urban
Contrast and Classic Elegance.
The orientation around these styles will make the advisory and sales process simpler and
simultaneously more attractive while offering decisive value added for retail partners and
More security in quickly and easily finding flooring suited to one’s individual style.
More inspiration through a creative confrontation with style collections and
personal design desires.
More clarity with the guidance of the customers through the selection process in
four easy steps.
In cooperation with Helle Tjaberg, Boen has oriented its entire assortment of styles around
this new method of selecting parquet flooring. In addition, new tools have been developed to
excite retailers and customers about the concept and the four styles.
Catalogue and style handbook
The catalogue Be Inspired provides an orientation point and serves as a source of
inspiration: it was created to enthuse, inspire and comprehensively present the wide variety
of Boen quality parquet flooring. The four style collections are described in detail with
attractive photos, accessories, exciting examples and design tips – and perfectly
complementary floors are presented for each style. This makes it very easy for the vendors
to work together with the customers to find the style they are comfortable with – and thus
choose the Boen floor that ideally suits them.
The style handbook features detailed background information about the style collections.
The customers can use it to inform themselves comprehensively about the creation and
history of the respective styles, learn more about the features – such as current colours and
materials – and become acquainted with the renowned designer and style blogs. Thanks to
the catalogue and style handbook, it is easy to stay up to date with current developments in
the interior design market. At the same time, the catalogue and handbook help customers
with the selection and purchase of their flooring.
Advisory system and guide
The advisory system is presented in a practical guide that is structured in four steps. The
first step is the selection of the style. The second step is the selection of the colour. In the
third step, this is followed by the determination of the size. The fourth and final step is the
selection of the surface. Everything is explained clearly and comprehensibly in the catalogue.
The price list has also been clearly revised and structured around the new concept.
New image
Boen is also innovating on the Internet with its new style collection concept: from
September, customers will have the opportunity to playfully navigate through the wide
selection of floorings, styles and combinations on The website offers a
product search that presents the user with exactly the right flooring to match their desires in
just a few clicks.
On-site, customers experience the style collections as part of the new Boen showroom
concept. Here, the four style collections and all Boen parquet flooring formats and colours
are presented in the new design with high-quality presentation furniture. They are presented
flexibly for interior designs in sizes S to XL.
With its new, inspiring concept, Boen has once again proven its talent for innovation when it
comes to product development and communication. Both the retailers, who now function
even more strongly as experts for interior design, as well as the customers, who can now
find their personal favourite flooring quicker and more easily with the style collection, profit
greatly from this.
If you have any questions, please contact:
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