MLA Review Presentations

MLA Review Presentations.
You are required to “teach” your section of the MLA book to the class. This should be a bit more
than a simple review; you need to really exhibit both understanding as well as “how to” do the
things that your section of the book focuses on. For example, if you have the formatting chapter,
HOW should one create a perfectly formatted MLA paper? If you have the section dealing with
internal/parenthetical citations, HOW do you integrate correct internal citations in your papers?
WHY do you need to cite sources? If you don’t deal with these issues, you will not get a good
1. Focus on the things you think your fellow students struggle with. What do YOU have
trouble with?
2. You must create a “visual aid” of some sort-a poster, a handout, a Power Point, maybe all
three. This “visual aid” must be INFORMATIVE and “entertaining,” and it must
illustrate your mastery of your section of the MLA book. I also highly suggest a simple,
one page handout or “how to” guide for your fellow classmates.
3. You will have approximately 3-5 minutes to teach. This is a “formal” presentation, so: 1.
No hats; 2. No shorts; 3. No gum; 4. No visible underwear!
4. You must turn in a Works Cited to me with all group member’s names along with your
poster and any and all handouts/activities. (Yes, this must be typed!) If you want me to
make the copies of your handouts, I must have them no later than the end of the day on
Tuesday, January 19.
5. Due Dates: Wednesday, January 20 and Thursday, January 21. We will be going in order.
6. Note: if you wish, you may respectfully “mock” me. I must approve any “mocking,” and
while you may take a picture of me, I demand that you not post it on any form of
digital/social media. Don’t get us in trouble and me fired!
7. Your ultimate goal with this project is to help your classmates with the aspects of the
MLA Book that you think they struggle with; if you need suggestions, I will be happy to
chat with you.
8. Lastly, please make sure everything is spelled right and such. Make sure your Works
Cited is correct. Make sure your handout is formatted correctly, although it may be a little
creative. The handout, while it should be formatted correctly, doesn’t have to be in strict
Times New Roman font and such; maybe clear it with me before you make copies. But
imagine the irony if, on an assignment on how to do MLA, your MLA is hosed up! And
imagine the less-than-stellar grade you will probably receive!