Genetics and Genomics

Postgraduate Study Plan (Semester 1 Start – 72 pts/1.5 yrs)
Master of Biotechnology (Coursework ONLY)
Genetics and Genomics
Course Structure
 Core Units
Student Number:
*All units are 6pts unless otherwise stated
Take ALL units: SCIE4001 The Objectives and Applications of Genomics
SCIE4002 Bioinformatics and Data Analysis for Genomics
MKTG5604 Biotechnology Commercialisation
MGMT5639 Commercialisation Management Project (12pts)
Take ALL units: BIOL4402 Conservation Genetics
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Student Office via askUWA and attach
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GENE4001 Advanced Studies in Genetics and Genetics and Genomics
GENE5001 Advanced Genomics Techniques
MSCI4006 Advanced Techniques in Molecular Sciences
 Specialisation Core Units
Specialisation Option Units
Course Code:
Take THREE specialisation core units
How to complete your study plan: Select a total of THREE units from the list of specialisation option units below (term and semester units are available) and place only these
THREE units in a corresponding teaching period, indicated by a dashed-box
. In total, for this course, you should have 11 units in your study plan, not all boxes will
require completion. It is suggested that you take a maximum of three units across a term/semester.
MGMT5639 (12pts)
 GENE4001*
 MSCI4006*
MKTG5604 (May)
 BIOL4402
Students need to ensure they are
available until the end of August
for Term 2 enrolment schedules.
 GENE5001
* Recommended Term for a full time enrolment
Specialisation Option Units: Choose THREE specialisation option units from the list below and only enter these into the study plan above.
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
BIOL4408 Marine Ecology (TS-H-1; starts in Jan)
BIOL4409 Ecological Field Methods (TS-H-2; Fieldtrip in May)
AGRI4404 Breeding and Animal Biotechnology
AGRI4401 Advanced Crop Production Science
ENVT5503 Remediation of Soils and Groundwater
ENVT5510 Soil Dynamics (TS-H-2E)
AGRI4405 Breeding and Plant Biotechnology
ENVT4411 Geographic Information Systems Applications
(TS-H-1B or TS-H-3A)
ENVT4409 Remote Sensing of the Environment
AGRI4403 Animal Science and Technology 1
ENVT4406 Catchment and River Processes
SCIE5500 Advanced Modelling
SCIE5505 Global Change and the Marine Environment
AGRI4407 Plant and Human Nutrition
CHEM4001 Advanced Studies in Chemistry
ENVT5001 Soil Biotechnology
AGRI5508 Sustainable Grazing Systems
BIOC5001 Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Techniques
BIOL4407 Marine Conservation and Fisheries Management
ENVT5002 Advanced Studies in Environmental Biotechnology
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Term 1
SCIE5515 Global Challenges in Biomedical Science
Term 2
Term 3
ENVT5512 Ecosystem Biogeochemistry (TS-H-3C; ends in Sept)
Semester 1
BIOC4001 Advanced Studies in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
AGRI5501 Advanced Breeding and Biotechnology in Action 1
SCIE4403 The Conduct, Ethics and Communication of Science
SCIE5590 Literature Review and Research Proposal
AGRI5502 Advanced Breeding and Biotechnology in Action 2
Semester 2
ENVE5502 Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
LAWS5521 Climate Change Law and Emissions Trading
AGRI5503 Animal Production Systems
LAWS5114 International Environmental Law
SCIE4481 Good, bogus and corrupted science
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