Life in the 5 Ocean Zones

Life in the 5 Ocean Zones
Reader 1 : Welcome to our reader’s theatre about Life in
the 5 Ocean Zones.
Reader 2: Hop aboard the yellow submarine as we dive
below the ocean’s surface.
Reader 3: There are 5 oceans in the world.
Reader 4: Pacific Ocean – it is the biggest in the world.
Reader 5: Atlantic Ocean – between Europe and the
Reader 6: Indian Ocean – it is the warmest ocean in the
Reader 7: Arctic Ocean- it is a very cold ocean.
Reader 8: Southern Ocean – it is also a very cold ocean
in the southern hemisphere.
Reader 10: There are 5 zones in the ocean. Hold on as
we start our dive down.
Reader 11: Sunlight Zone: This zone gets the most
sunlight: There are many plants living here.
Reader 12: Dolphins, sharks and sea turtles live here.
Reader 13: Next as we move down, we are now in the
Twilight Zone. There is only dim light here. No plants
Reader 14: Some sea life that live here are lantern fish
and viper fish.
Reader 15: Hold on as we descend to the midnight zone
where it is very dark and cold.
Reader 16: Animals that live here include the vampire
squid. Some animals have no eyes.
Reader 17: Next is the abyssal zone where animals use
their bioluminescence to see in the water, such as the
blind shrimp.
Reader 18: Now we have reached the last zone –the
Hadal Zone. Most animals here are invertebrates.
Reader 19: Sea cucumbers live here finding food that
has floated down from other zones.
Reader 20: We hope you have enjoyed your trip aboard
the yellow submarine. Hold on as we ascend back to the
sunlight zone.
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