February 2014 Newsletter - Barlborough Primary School

Class 3EM – News – February 2014
Topic News
Our new topic for after the February break will be all about World
War 2 (WWII). We will focus on what life was like for children
before, during and after the war. As part of the topic we have
arranged a trip to Eden camp in North Yorkshire. The trip will take
place on Wednesday 26th March – look out for the letter which will
be coming home soon. In Science we will be learning about the
characteristics of materials. In our Wednesday PE sessions we will
continue to take part in the 5/60 project.
Maths Targets
Below is a copy of our class maths targets for next half term. The ‘should’ target is the
age-related one and is the target that we are hoping most children will reach. The ‘must’
target is below age-related and the ‘could’ target is for higher attaining children.
Rapid recall of multiplication facts and related division facts
Derive and recall multiplication facts up to 12 × 12.
(Year 3)
Derive and recall multiplication facts for the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10
times-tables and the corresponding division facts; recognise multiples
of 2, 5 or 10 up to 1000.
Derive and recall multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times-tables and
the related division facts; recognise multiples of 2, 5 & 10.
During next half term we will be focusing on the rapid recall of multiplication facts and
the related division facts. We will be having weekly times-tables tests to see how each
child progresses. It is essential that children are able to quickly recall table facts
especially as we begin to use more written multiplication and division methods.
X5 X10
X3 X4 X5 X6 X10
X3 X4 X5 X6 X8 X10
Below are some useful times-tables websites for you to try. The Woodland Junior site
has links to many interactive games that you may want to investigate with your child.
Reading Targets
Below are our targets that we will be continuing to work on during guided reading
Level 4
I can usually support my answers with relevant quotes or references
to the text.
Level 3
I can find several words or phrases from the text to answer a question.
Level 2
I can recall simple information from a text e.g. a characters name.
Please remember that it is important that all children still
read regularly at home especially if your child is not yet a
free reader.
Science Targets
Below are our science targets that we will be working on next half term.
I understand how science helps in the wider world.
I can make models/diagrams to show my understanding.
. I can make models to help me explain things.
Reading Partner Volunteers Needed
We are looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping some children in our
class to become more confident readers. If you have some spare time at the end of a
school day e.g. 2:45pm – 3:15pm and would be interested in helping then please contact
us at school.
PE Days/Kit Reminder
Our PE days are Tuesdays (Swimming OR Outdoor PE) and Wednesdays (5/60 Project –
mainly indoors). Please can you ensure that children have their labelled PE kit in school
on these days. We currently have a large number of children who are regularly
borrowing kit – particularly plimsols. This is particularly disruptive to our PE lessons as
it can take a great deal of time finding suitable footwear/clothing for individuals
especially when some children are not sure of their own shoe size. Remember that we
are always very grateful for donations of unwanted plimsols to supplement our collection.
Maths and Reading Comprehension Homework
Enclosed with this letter should be an example reading comprehension booklet and a set
of example maths questions, similar to the ones that the children will complete during
their tests in May. We would like the children to complete the two booklets and return
them to school the first day back after the holidays.
The aim of the homework is to familiarise the children with the style of questions that
they will be expected to answer. The booklets are designed to challenge all children so
please do not be disheartened if your child is unable to answer all of the questions. It
would be really helpful for your child if you could help them to answer the questions that
they find tricky. Please encourage your child to simply have a go. Looking for key words
in the question is always a good starting point.
Thank-you for your continued support during the year. Please feel free to pop in and see
us if you have any concerns or questions about your child.
Mrs Mills / Miss Edwards