Words About Digging into the Past

Words About Digging into the Past
ancient adj. very old The ancient city was built thousands of years ago.
fossils n. parts of animals and plants from long ago that have hardened in
mud or tar. Scientists found fossils of huge dinosaurs.
prehistoric adj. from a time before people wrote down their history. Some
prehistoric people lived in caves.
remains n. parts of what were once living things. That museum is filled with
the remains of dinosaurs.
site n. a place where something is or where something happened. There is a
park on the site of the battle.
skeletons n. groups of bones that support animals’ bodies. At the museum,
we saw skeletons of many animals.
Words About Trash
litter v. to carelessly throw pieces of paper or other garbage around. It
makes me angry when people litter in the park.
recycle v. to collect old paper, glass, and plastic so they can be made into
other things. We will gather the empty cans and recycle them.
rubbish n. trash; garbage. Please place your rubbish in the trash can.
spoil v. to ruin. Garbage will spoil the beauty of the beach.
unspoiled adj. clean; not messed up. The forest was once unspoiled, but
now it is full of trash.
waste v. to use or spend something carelessly. Be careful not to waste water
when you brush your teeth.