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Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Ponce Room – Baierl Center
Board Members Present – Kristen Heckert (Vice President, IMS Scholar Athlete,
Ingomar Middle School, Ingomar Elementary), Lisa Salamone (Secretary, NAI), Bob
Bozzuto (Athletic Director)
Chairpersons Present –Twilley Delligatti (Membership), Melanie Rutan (HS Scholar
Athlete, Swimming/Diving), Kathleen Nachazel (Scholarships, Boys Lacrosse), Jana
Lake (MMS Scholar Athlete, Marshall Middle School, Marshall Elementary, Girls
Representatives Present- Mary Lee Majewski (Band), Lynn Sosovicka (Band),
Maureen Plichta (Baseball), Jeff Haus (Boys Basketball), Tom Weirs (Girls
Basketball), Kathie Salpietro (Cheerleading), Dee Morton (Cheerleading), Bonnie
Genter (Field Hockey), Yvonne Dominick (Football), Jill Dougherty (Boys Golf), Sue
Phillips (Girls Golf), Greg Radick (Gymnastics), Michelle Fantaski (Ice Hockey, Girls
Lacrosse), Lois Lazzaro (In Line Hockey), Kathy Brown (Rowing), Julie Riley (Water
Polo), Heather Earle ( Boys Soccer, NASH), Ceil Atwater (Boys Soccer), Natalie
Bishop (Girls Soccer), Elizabeth Cameron (Softball), Lauren Posati (Slow Pitch
Softball), David Chuirazzi (Boys Tennis), Robbie Boyd (Girls Tennis), Ann Best (Boys
Volleyball), Laurie Downing (Wrestling), Denise Benko (Carson Middle School), Mina
Durosko (Franklin Elementary), Heather Miller (McKnight Elementary), Gina Capizzi
(Peebles Elementary)
It is the responsibility of each representative to pass along to your membership, all
the information received at tonight’s meeting.
Bob Bozzuto (Athletic Director) called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.
Welcomed 2013-14 UBO Representatives and asked everyone to introduce themselves by
giving their name and sport/school they represent.
The remaining meeting dates for the year are: November 13th, January 15th, March 12th,
and May 21st.
Purpose and Objectives of the UBO
Bob gave the following objectives to the membership:
Provide a means for better communication among all sports, boosters, school, and
community groups.
Promote and strengthen school and community pride.
Promote and encourage student and community support for all North Allegheny
events, activities, and sports.
Responsibilities of the UBO Representative
Bob went over the following responsibilities of the UBO Representative position:
-Attend 5 meetings (attending 4 out of 5 meetings will qualify your group for a chance
to win a $300 Participation Award).
-Share UBO information with the group(s) that you represent. Share your group
fundraisers with the UBO to get support from all of the groups.
-Each group will be asked to give a report.
-Provide team roster and t-shirt sizes for each member to Georgiana Thomas
-Provide the date of your end of season banquet.
-Responsible for picking up scholar athlete award certificates and t-shirt to be passed out
at banquet.
- Assist with Kennywood Day and fundraising activities: posters, yard signs, publicity,
ticket sales, shopping for basket raffle, and wrapping baskets.
-Provide $100 donation for Kennywood Day Basket Auction by November 1st (Invoices
were mailed to booster presidents and schools).
-Distribute scholarship information and applications to senior team members (every
senior team member may apply).
Lisa Salamone (Secretary) asked the membership if there were any corrections to the
May Meeting Minutes. Ann Best made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by
Kristen Heckert. Motion passed.
Treasurer Report
Bob reported a checking account balance of $7,176.46.
2013-14 Proposed Budget
Bob discussed all areas and line items of the proposed budget (Handout). The UBO is
operating on a very tight budget. Another large fundraiser is needed to continue our
program. Bob asked the membership to send him their ideas.
A motion to approve the Proposed Budget was made by Robbie Boyd and seconded by
Kathy Brown. Motion passed.
UBO Information Packet
Kristen Heckert (Vice President) discussed all of the information in the UBO
Representative folder that was provided to each member.
-UBO Representative Responsibilities and Checklist
-Balloon Arch and Tiger Costume Rental Information: $10 for Tiger Costume, $40 for
the Balloon Arch. Forms are available on the website. Contact the Athletic Department
to reserve your date.
-$300 Participation Award (Attend 4 out of 5 meetings to qualify for drawing)
-2013-14 UBO Presentation Schedule: A reminder will be sent a few days prior to
meeting. Provide a written copy of your report to the secretary.
-Varsity Interscholastic Sports 2012-13 Report: Bob added that the PIAA does not
regulate club sports. Beyond State Competition is not included in this report.
-Scholar Athlete Award Programs
-Sample format of Rosters to be turned in for Scholar Athlete Program.
-Award format for Scholar Athlete Program
-2013 Kennywood Ticket Sale Results: Total Kennywood ticket sales increased slightly.
Raffle ticket sales for Basket Auction also increased.
-In-School Sales for Kennywood Ticket Results: Sales on this day were lower than last
On-going Committees
There was a discussion about the low number of tickets being sold on the In-School ticket
sale date. Kennywood employees sell the tickets for us on this day.
The membership further discussed the limited schedules with an idea to sell tickets in the
evenings during large events (concerts). Bob said that he will send people to sell tickets,
if the building principals and band/orchestra directors approve. Another idea was to sell
tickets at concession stands.
Kennywood Day is June 19, 2014. The ticket price is $28. Tickets will be sold on May
15th in all schools.
Specific Kennywood Day committees will be assigned in November. The fundraising
committees were discussed in UBO Representative Responsibilities.
Twilley Delligatti (Membership) reported that a representative is still needed for
Bob asked Kathleen Nachazel (Scholarship) to form a committee to revise the
applications for UBO Scholarships. Kristen Heckert, Twilley Delligatti, and Ceil
Atwater volunteered. Bob stated that the revisions should be complete by October 1st.
The following scholarship and award applications will be available on the UBO website:
Georgiana Thomas Scholarship - Two $1000 scholarships available for senior athletes or
marching band members. Applications are due March 31st by noon.
Don Vandergrift Memorial Scholarship – One $700 award is available for senior athletes
or marching band members. Applications are due March 31st by noon.
Tiger Team of Merit- One $500 award for a varsity sports team. Applications are due
June 2nd by noon.
Old Business
UBO Pamphlet – Bob told the membership that a pamphlet that gives UBO information
will be available soon for each group.
Facebook/Twitter- The UBO is currently seeking a coordinator. If you are interested
in managing this task, please contact Bob.
Elementary Pep Assemblies – Bob informed the membership that the next pep
assemblies are scheduled for Friday September 20th at the following schools:
Group 3: Bradford Woods Elementary - 1:15 PM, Marshall Elementary – 2:00 PM
Group 4: McKnight Elementary – 2:15 PM
The first two groups went to Peebles, Hosack, Ingomar, and Franklin on September 6th.
The assemblies had great participation and were an overall success. This year we had 9th
and 10th graders for the first time. Bob feels that this is an upper classman project, but
will allow the younger students to participate on the 20th. There were some problems
with space on the bus and students were left behind. Bob prefers that students ride the
bus and will look into a second bus. Students may drive if necessary.
Bob asked the representatives to please get involved in getting your sports to participate.
Athletes must sign up with their coach. Pep Assemblies require band, cheerleaders, and
athletes to be a success.
New Business
Proposed By-Law changes- Bob provided the membership with a copy of the By-Laws
and a copy of the Proposed By-Law changes. He discussed the changes under Article
IV- Organization. The changes included the following:
B) The Executive Board will be appointed by the Athletic Director and current UBO
D) Executive Board has the right to approve projects, etc, monies up to $1500 without
membership approval.
A motion to approve the Proposed By-Law Changes was made by Tom Weirs and
seconded by Kathy Brown. Motion passed.
Hall of Fame Banquet- Bob informed the membership that the 17th Annual Hall of Fame
Banquet is Thursday, October 3rd at the Chadwick in Wexford. Tickets are $40/person
for Hall of Fame Members and $45/person for Non-members. A table of 8 is
$320($40/person). All of the candidates have a strong passion for our school district. Jill
Guthrie (Past President of UBO) is being honored with the Bob Miller Award. See the
website for more information and the form to make a reservation.
Athletic Director’s Report
2012-13 Scholar Athlete Report – Bob reported that over 70% of our student athletes
had a GPA over 3.4.
MSA Sports Challenge Cup – North Allegheny won the 10thannual MSA cup. We won
this cup every year.
Trib Live Sports Challenge Cup- North Allegheny won this award in the 2012-13
school year.
Mooseheart Awards Night – Bob won the 2013 Mooseheart Award for his service to
youth in the community. He thanked the membership and booster groups for their
support and attendance at the Awards Dinner.
Capital Improvements-A paved path to the softball field was completed this past summer.
-The filter system was replaced in the pool this past summer.
-A new video scoreboard for the pool will be installed in November. $40,000 in funds
were raised by the Athletic Department, Water Polo, and Swimming.
-The NASH gym floor was renovated (floor sanded, new design in center).
Website- This newly renovated website was professionally done for a more modern
look. We now have the capability to install video. The best part of the website is the
Pre-Participation Packet. All forms that the athlete will need are located in one place.
If you have any ideas or suggestions for the website, contact Bob.
Rosters for the website should be sent to Randy Gore (randygore51@hotmail.com).
Breast Cancer Awareness Week – This event will take place the week of October 14th.
There is something special planned this year that has never been done before. Bob stated
that he is not able to give out the details just yet. Coaches vs. Cancer is another event
that is currently in the planning stages.
Department of Education High School Athletics Accountability Act (October 15th) The Athletic Department and booster groups must report their financials. Every dollar
must be reported.
UBO Beautification Project – The UBO is saving to purchase a new stadium entrance
for Newman Stadium at NASH. The new entrance will have a cast iron looking fence
with a marble tiger head. Bob plans to bring pictures in a power point presentation to the
next meeting.
PIAA 100th Anniversary - December 29th is the 100th anniversary for the PIAA. There
will be a Logo Contest for students to win $1,000 and an Apple IPAD. See
piaalogocontest.org for more information.
Youth Sports Concussion Committee - This committee was formed last year by local
sports groups to develop protocols for concussions. We are now working with the state
government and Mike Turzai to create a television piece.
The North Allegheny Association for the Advancement of Sports and Education
(NAAASE) –A group of citizens in our school district formed this committee to build the
Baierl Center. This association will be meeting in a few weeks to discuss fundraising and
additional capital improvements.
Winter Sports – IMPACT test dates are listed on the website.
In closing, Bob stated that he appreciates all that this group does for athletics. Please
keep the communication open by calling or sending him an email.
A UBO member announced that USA Today is developing a website for high school
students to use to find out information on all schools. Dave West is involved in this
project for North Allegheny.
Yvonne Dominick told the membership that Football is selling Tiger Tails for $3.00 as a
Jeff Haus mentioned that the Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball teams are holding a Car Wash
as a fundraiser on Sunday, September 15th at the Coldwell Banker Building (Perry Park
Lanes) on Route 19 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:40PM.
Next Meeting:
Wednesday, November 13th at 7:00PM
The Ponce Room at the Baierl Center