Understanding the GR Application

General Info:
 New application designed to reveal Quality Improvement and Performance Improvement
 Focus of Application is to outline the entire Grand Rounds Series
 Course Coordinator can fill out the first page, but Course Director should fill out second
 Disclosure Forms for the Course Director, as well as anyone involved in the planning
process MUST be turned in with the COMPLETED and SIGNED Application.
 All Course Directors should have a BUSM appointment.
 For new series, your application should be completed by the course director before the
first event. If this is your first time applying for accreditation for your RSS, please
contact our office for a full explanation of the CME process. No first time applications
will be approved without attending a brief training to learn the accreditation process.
Program Information Breakdown [Pages 2&3 of Application]:
I. Curriculum = Do you have an overall topic agenda or plan with topics in mind for the entire
Grand Rounds Series?
II. Planning =
1. How are topics chosen for each session?
Planning Committee meets each month, reviews department data, and
bases topics on areas that need improvement.
2. How do you choose your speakers?
National experts in the field
III. Needs Assessment =
1. Please choose what type of data you will use to determine the needs of the
participants. The data should help reveal areas that participants may need more
information/ training in.
2. Collect Needs Assessment Data- what is the plan for determining the needs.
 Examples:
 A report is printed from EMR to be review during planning meeting.
 Charts are reviewed.
 Trends are noticed and documented in some way.
3. Quality Improvement
 Examples:
 Hospital initiative to reduce infection
 Will measure # of infections before the series and # of infections after
grand rounds series.
IV. Objectives (Series-wide): What do you want the audience to be able to do once the
RSS is complete?
1. The application gives you global, series-wide objectives that can be used on
promotional materials in case the session specific objectives are created after the
promotion is distributed.
2. NEW learning objectives that are session-specific should be created for each session.
3. Use Writing Clear Objectives Sheet.
V. ACGME Competencies = In planning the series, which ACGME competencies will you
focus on so that physicians leave with improved capabilities in:
1. Patient Care- Provide care that is compassionate, appropriate and effective treatment
for health problems and to promote health.
2. Medical Knowledge- Demonstrate knowledge about established and evolving
biomedical, clinical and cognate sciences and their application in patient care
3. Interpersonal and Communication Skills- Demonstrate skills that result in effective
information exchange and teaming with patients, their families and professional
4. Professionalism- Demonstrate a commitment to carrying out professional
responsibilities, adherence to ethical principles and sensitivity to diverse patient
5. Systems-base Practice- Demonstrate awareness of and responsibility to larger
context and systems of healthcare. Be able to call on system resources to provide
optimal care.
6. Practice-based Learning and Improvement- Able to investigate and evaluate their
patient care practices, appraise and assimilate scientific evidence and improve their
practice of medicine.
VII. Method:
1. Proposed session formats.
 Don’t be afraid to be creative