Script for Grand Rounds Course Directors

Script for Grand Rounds Course Directors
In opening your Grand Rounds, disclosure must be made relevant to CME
compliance/Conflict of Interest standards. This is particularly important if your GR is
being taped for web production. The following is suggested:
Good morning/afternoon ~ Welcome
1. This Grand Rounds is accredited for CME by the Yale Medical School. If you
wish to receive credit for your participation, please be sure to sign the attendance
sheet at the front door (or “that is being passed”).
2. At the present time, I would like to acknowledge on behalf of the Department of
______________, that:
(Choose one as appropriate)
a) there are no commercial sponsors of this Grand Rounds;
b) this Grand Rounds is supported by an educational grant from
_______________ (name corporate sponsor) and we are grateful for
their support.
3. I would also like to confirm that I have reviewed today’s lecture and faculty
disclosure and:
(Choose one as appropriate)
a) found no conflicts of interest;
b) any conflicts of interest have been resolved.
4. Continue with introductions; ensure that lecturer also makes disclosure of
financial relationships, if any.