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August 30, 2013
To My Clever 5th Grade Students:
Each month you will be assigned a special project or book report. I will assign your
project/book report at the beginning of the month.
Your assignment for September is an “I Notebook.” Your project will be about you! Your
notebook must include all of the following:
You will design your own original cover. It should be something that reflects you or
something you like to do. Example: if you like baseball, you might make the shape of your
notebook to look like a baseball. You must have title, your name, and a date on the cover!
Dedication Page: This is a page in your “I Notebook” which you would like to dedicate your
book. Example: “I dedicate this book to my Mom, because she attends all of my baseball
Table of Contents: This must list your notebook’s contents and page numbers.
Part 1 – My Outer-Self: This must include your family, hobbies, and interests. Each must be
on a separate page. Your “Family” will be on one page, your “Hobbies” on the next page,
and your “Interests” on the third page.
Part 2 – My Inner-Self: This section will include your dreams, ideas, and your feelings.
Each must be on a separate page. Your “Dreams” (for your future) will be on one page,
your “Ideas” (to make the world a better place) on the next page, and your “Feelings” (your
personality) on the third page.
About the Author: This is a page to tell a little bit of history about you!
Note: EACH PAGE MUST include one of the following: a photograph, computer graphic,
an original drawing, or a picture from a magazine.
Remember to proofread your work! Your “I Notebook” may be typed or you may use
cursive handwriting. (No pencil, use pen!) Be creative, use color and have fun!
Due Date: Friday, September 27, 2013
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