Santa Service Booking Words

“Santa Service”
Booking Words
Try these words to book your Holiday Appointments
 Hi this is _______ , your favorite Mary Kay lady! (Chit chat briefly to build relatedness and re-connect)
 I know life is totally “wild” … but has Santa gotten through to you yet? (Get answer)
 You won’t believe what YOU have WON from Santa! Do you have a second to hear about it? (get
 You WON the GIFT OF TIME! (keep talking) Imagine … MORE TIME for what’s most important to YOU
rather than fighting the crowds, hunting for a parking, and wrapping gifts!
 All I need is a few minutes to “pop-by” with my sleigh-full of goodies! Doesn’t it sound easier to
“shop from your seat instead of your feet”? Is tomorrow or the next day better for you”? (Book
day/time) Your place or mine! (get answer)
 Great!! I have you confirmed for (day/time)
 Just to let you know, if you like FREE STUFF, you are more than welcome to have a couple of friends
join you! They will also win the GIFT OF TIME, and YOU will earn FREE STUFF!
 Promise me, “nothing short of death” will keep us from getting together … deal? (get answer)
wait to $ave you TIME on ________ at ________
If you get a voicemail … leave this “tempting” message
 Hi this is _______ with Mary Kay!
 I know life is totally “wild” … but has Santa gotten through to you yet? (pause)
 If he hasn’t, he wanted me to tell you that YOU have WON the most GIFT from him!
 Can’t wait to tell you about your GIFT … guaranteed you’ll LOVE it!
 Thanks for returning my call … my number is _________, (repeat number)