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Diversity and Multiculturalism Research Guide
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Affirmative action programs
Culture conflict
Emigration and immigration
Pluralism (social sciences)
Sex differences
Civil rights
Intercultural communication
Race relations
Sex role
For specific groups:
African Americans
Asian Americans
Cuban Americans
Filipino Americans
People with Disabilities
Hmong Americans
Irish Americans
Arab Americans
Chinese Americans
East Indian Americans
Hispanic Americans
Italian Americans
Indians of North America
Mexican Americans
Bibliography of Selected Reference Books
Africa/African Americans
R 301.45 R332
R 305.48896 B627h
R 305.896 E56
R 305.896073 B627
R 305.896073 N532
R 808.882 M995
R 809.8036 R755
R 809.8896 S369
R 810.80896 O198
R 810.9896073 A145
R 810.9896073 G816o
Reference Library of Black America
Black Women in America
Encyclopedia of African American Civil Rights
Black Americans: A Statistical Sourcebook
New York Public Library African American Desk Reference
My Soul Looks Back 'Less I Forget: A Collection of
Quotations by People of Color
Black Authors and Illustrators of Children's Books: A
Biographical Dictionary
Schomburg Center Guide to Black Literature
Oxford Companion to African American Literature
Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance
Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American Literature
Sierra College Library
TS 11/08
R 810.9896073 M194
R 810.996073 B134
R 916 C968
R 920.71 N899
R 920.72 N899
R 956.003 E56m
R 960.03 A258a
R 960.03 N532m
R 973.0496 A258
R 973.0496 B632
R 973.0496073 E56p
Masterpieces of African-American Literature
African American Writers
Cultural Atlas of Africa
Notable Black American Men
Notable Black American Women
Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa
New Encyclopedia of Africa
African American Almanac
Black Women in American History
Encyclopedia of African American Culture & History
Asia/Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders
R 810.9895 A832
R 811.509895 A832h
R 909.07 I29
R 911.54 A881
R 915.1 R658
R 915.4 J67
R 919.4 N695
R 950 C726
R 950 E56
R 950.03 E56L
R 951 O58
R 951.73003 A887
R 952 K76
R 954.003 E56w
R 956.003 E56m
R 956.003 H668
R 973.04903 A832
R 973.04956 J35
Asian American Literature
Asian American Poets
New World and Pacific Civilizations: Cultures of America,
Asia and the Pacific
An Atlas and Survey of South Asian History
Cultural Atlas of China
Cultural Atlas of India
Cultural Atlas of Australia, New Zealand and the South
Columbia Chronology of Asian History & Culture
Encyclopedia of Asian History
Encyclopedia of Modern Asia
Companion to Chinese History
Encyclopedia of Mongolia and the Mongol Empire
Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan
Encyclopedia of India
Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa
Dictionary of the Middle East
Asian American Encyclopedia
Japanese American History: An A to Z Reference from
1868 to the Present
R 911.47 G464
R 912.0947 C458
R 928 E89
R 940.02 C557
R 940.09717 E13f
R 940.2 E89d
R 941.5003 E56
Atlas of Russian History
Penguin Historical Atlas of Russia
European Writers
Chronology of European History
Eastern Europe: An Introduction to the People, Lands and
Europe: Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World, 1450-1789
Encyclopedia of Ireland
Sierra College Library
TS 11/08
R 943 E56
R 944.003 E56
R 945.0903 E56m
R 946.003 E56
R 947.003 B737
R 947.003 C128
R 947.003 E56m
R 947.003 R958
Encyclopedia of Contemporary German Culture
Encyclopedia of Contemporary French Culture
Encyclopedia of Contemporary Italian Culture
Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Culture
Russia: A Reference from the Renaissance to the Present
Cambridge Encyclopedia of Russia and the Former
Soviet Union
Encyclopedia of Russian History
Russia and the Independent Nations of the Former
U.S.S.R.: Geofacts and Maps
Latinos/Mexican Americans
R 016.3068 L357
R 036 E56n
R 305.868 H673
R 305.868 H673s
R 709.2368 C749
R 810.9868 K16
R 810.9868 L357
R 909.07 I29
R 920.009268 M511
R 973.0468 H673
R 973.0468 L357
R 973.0468 O16
R 973.0468003 O98o
R 973.046872 M511m
Latinos in the United States: Social, Economic and
Political Aspects: A Bibliography
Enciclopedia Hispanica
The Hispanic American Almanac
Hispanic Americans: A Statistical Sourcebook
Artists from Latin American Cultures
Hispanic Literature of the United States
Latino and Latina Writers
New World and Pacific Civilizations: Cultures of America,
Asia and the Pacific
Notable Latino Americans
The Hispanic American Almanac
The Latino Encyclopedia
Atlas of Hispanic American History
Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the U.S.
The Mexican American Experience
Native Americans
R 299.7 H889
R 299.703 H669
R 323.1197 P514
R 323.1197073 N278g
R 398.208997 B326
R 810.9897 W623
R 920.72 N278
R 970.004 E56j
R 970.00497 A512b
R 970.00497 H236
R 970.00497 P691
Tales of Native America
The Encyclopedia of Native American Religions
The Rights of Indians and Tribes: The Basic ACLU Guide
to Indian and Tribal Rights
Native Americans
Handbook of Native American Mythology
Native American Literatures: An Encyclopedia of Works,
Characters Authors, and Themes
Native American Women: A Biographical Dictionary
Encyclopedia of American Indian History
American Indian History
Handbook of North American Indians
A Native American Encyclopedia
Sierra College Library
TS 11/08
R 970.00497 T239
R 970.1 N278
R 970.4794 I39
R 973.0497 J65
The Plains Indians: A Cultural and Historical View of the
North American Plains Tribes of the Pre-Reservation Period
Native North American Almanac
The Indians of California
Praeger Handbook on Contemporary Issues in Native
R 021.26 C392
R 305.803 P419m
R 304.809 C436
R 305.8003 W927g
R 305.80097 H442
R 305.800973 A512
R 306.03 C855
R 306.4460973 E56
R 323.11 M478
R 370.19341 H236
R 378.1994 M961
R 390 C968
R 392.5 M743
R 394.1203 E56k
R 394.2603 H732
R 394.2603 R888
R 398.9 C796
R 808.882 M995
R 809.045 M961a
R 810.9920693 G816
R 811.540992 C761L
R 815.008 V889
R 909 L253
R 909.07 I29
Celebrate America's Diversity: Holidays, Festivals and
Historical Events Celebrated and Recognized by African
Americans, American Indians, Asian/Pacific Islanders and
Peoples, Nations and Cultures
Penguin Atlas of Diasporas
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life
Statistical Handbook on Racial Groups in the United States
American Immigrant Cultures
Countries and their Cultures
Encyclopedia of Multiculturalism
The Rights of Racial Minorities: The Basic ACLU
Guide to Racial Minority Rights
Handbook of Research on Multicultural Education
Multiculturalism and Curriculum: Resources for Community
Culturgrams: The Nations Around Us
Marriage Customs of the World
Encyclopedia of Food and Culture
Holidays, Festivals and Celebrations of the World Dictionary
Traditional Festivals: A Multicultural Encyclopedia
Multicultural Dictionary of Proverbs: Over 20,000 Adages
from More Than 120 Languages, Nationalities and Ethnic
My Soul Looks Back 'Less I Forget: A Collection of
Quotations by People of Color
Multicultural Writers Since 1945
Greenwood Encyclopedia of Multiethnic American Literature
Contemporary American Ethnic Poets
Voices of Multicultural America
Lands and Peoples
Traditional Peoples Today: Continuity and Change in the
Modern World
R 303.48403 R221
R 305.4 F251
Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers
Women's Atlas of the United States
Sierra College Library
TS 11/08
R 305.4 O52
R 305.4 R286
R 305.4021 W927
R 305.4021 W927
R 305.403 E56
R 305.403 W872
R 305.409 T765
R 305.40901 S167
R 305.4090203 W872w
R 305.40973 E56
R 305.40973 H236
R 305.40973 W362
R 305.4097309 M575
R 305.4203 B688
R 305.4203 B688h
R 305.4203 O98s
R 305.4203 W872
R 305.420978 E56b
R 305.48896 B627h
R 305.489 G816
R 305.4891724 K55
R 324.62303 H243
R 613.042405 A615
R 791.430233 F755
R 808.882 B365
R 809.9287 W872w
R 810.99287 O98
R 811.5409928 C761c
R 813.5099 C761a
R 820.99287 S533
R 920.72 A221
R 920.72 N278
R 920.72 N899
R 973.0496 B632
R 973.082 S553
Chronology of Women's History
Reader's Companion to U.S. Women's History
The World's Women, 1970-1990: Trends and Statistics
The World's Women 1995: Trends and Statistics
Encyclopedia of Women and Gender
Women’s Studies Encyclopedia
Women's Chronology: A Year-by-Year Record from
Prehistory to the Present
Encyclopedia of Women in the Ancient World
Women in the Middle Ages
Encyclopedia of Women in American History
Handbook of American Women’s History
American Women's History
Women in Early America
From the Goddess to the Glass Ceiling
Historical Dictionary of Fesminism
Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History
The Women’s Movement Today
Encyclopedia of Women in the American West
Black Women in America
Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women’s Issues Worldwide
Women in the Third World
International Encyclopedia of Women’s Suffrage
Annual Review of Women's Health
Women Film Directors: An International Bio-critical
Beacon Book of Quotations by Women
Women of Words: A Personal Introduction to Thirty-five
Important Writers
Oxford Companion to Women's Writing in the United States
Contemporary American Women Poets
Contemporary American Women Fiction Writers
Oxford Guide to British Women Writers
Notable Women in American History: A Guide to
Recommended Biographies and Autobiographies
Native American Women: A Biographical Dictionary
Notable Black American Women
Black Women in American History
Susan B. Anthony Slept Here: A Guide to American
Women's Landmarks
R 200.03973 E56
R 200.3 E56
R 200.9 W927r
R 200.9034 N532p
Encyclopedia of American Religions
The Encyclopedia of Religion
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices
New Religions: A Guide
Sierra College Library
TS 11/08
R 200.973 I61g
R 200.973 Q361
R 201.0973 E56
R 203 C363
R 203.803 E56s
R 230.003 E56b
R 291.0223 A881
R 294.303 E56i
R 280.403 E56m
R 289.03 E56
R 291.03 P437
R 291.095 E56
R 291.0973 M528
R 294.303 S528
R 294.503 S949
R 296.03 J17
R 296.03 U58
R 299.703 H669
R 909.04924 E56
R 909.097671 A395
R 909.097671 E56
R 909.097671 O98
Introduction to New and Alternative Religions in America
Encyclopedia of American Religious History
Encyclopedia of the American Religious Experience
New Catholic Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia of Religious Rites, Rituals and Festivals
Encyclopedia of Christianity
Atlas of the World’s Religions
Encyclopedia of Buddhism
Encyclopedia of Protestantism
Encyclopedia of Mormonism
The Perennial Dictionary of World Religions
The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion
Encyclopedic Handbook of Cults in America
The Shambhala Dictionary of Buddhism and Zen
Historical Dictionary of Hinduism
The Jewish Religion: A Companion
The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia of Native American Religions
Encyclopedia Judaica
Cultural Atlas of Islam
Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World
R 301.4157 K19g
R 305.90664 S143
R 305.90664 S849
R 306.766 C344
R 306.766 E56
R 306.76603 P965
R 342.073087 H946
Gay/Lesbian Almanac
St. James Press Gay and Lesbian Almanac
Gay and Lesbian Issues
Cassell's Queer Companion: A Dictionary of Lesbian and
Gay Life and Culture
Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
History in America
Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Popular Culture
The Rights of Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexuals & Transgender
R 344.031 A511
R 344.03161614 A512
R 346.013 W395
R 362.403 E56a
R 362.4 H237
R 362.403 E56
R 362.420321 G165
Americans with Disabilities Act Handbook
ADA Compliance Guidelines: California Access Code
Managing Student Disability Compliance
Encyclopedia of Disability
Handbook of Disability Studies
Encyclopedia of Disability and Rehabilitation
Gallaudet Encyclopedia of Deaf People and Deafness
Sierra College Library
TS 11/08
R 371.926 L438
R 617.8 T939
Learning Disabilities Sourcebook
The Encyclopedia of Deafness and Hearing Disorders
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