Homework Sheet Week 27

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Homework Sheet Week #27
“Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery”
Amazing Words: To Build Oral Vocabulary
1. book
1. explanation-If you give an explanation, you
2. moon
tell how to do something.
3. took
2. riddle- A riddle is a question or problem that
4. food
is hard to figure out.
5. look
3. wonder- If you wonder about something, you
6. pool
want to know about it.
7. zoo
4. rafters- Rafters are long pieces of wood
8. noon
inside a building that hold up the roof.
9. good
Rafters go across, not up and down.
5. darling- A darling is a person who is loved very
bonus: instead 6. gorgeous- When something is gorgeous, it is
very beautiful.
7. case- A case is a set of problems that needs
To be looked into see what happened.
8. suspect- A suspect is someone believed to be
guilty of a crime.
Correct & Rewrite the following sentences.
1. I willn’t shout in the library
2. can wee wallk heer
3. please turn onn the lite
4. how soon can wi goo
Dot & Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery
By: Ellen Stoll Walsh
Informational Fiction
Vocabulary: among, instead, another, none
Words to read- We looked outside. A squirrel found an acorn
among the leaves. He didn’t eat it. Instead, he dug a hole and put
the acorn in it. Then the squirrel found another acorn. None of
us saw where he put that one.
How will Dot and Jabber solve this mystery?
He detectives had nothing to do. “We need a mystery to
solve,” said Jabber. “Here’s a mystery,” said Dot. “What is this
little oak tree doing here?” Why is that a mystery?” Jabber
wanted to know. “Because of the acorn,” said Dot. “How did it
get here?” “Dot,” said Jabber, “what acorn?”
“Acorns are oak tree seeds. This little oak tree grew from
an acorn, and acorns come from big oak trees.” “Oh, that acorn,”
said Jabber. “But where’s the big oak tree?” “That’s part of the
mystery,” said Dot. “Let’s look for clues.” “Okay!” shouted
Jabber. “Because we’re detectives!” He poked his head into a
“Hey, this is my hole,” said a mole. “Go away. There are no
clues down here. Try the big oak tree-on the other side of the
meadow.” “Of course!” said Dot. “Come on, Jabber!” That’s a
long, long way,” said Jabber. “How did our acorn get from there
to here? Do you think it walked?”
“Let’s find out,” said Dot. “The acorn began at the big oak
tree. So will we.” The detectives set off across the meadow.
After a while Jabber said, “I’m tired. Can we wonder about all
these maple seeds instead?” “There’s no mystery in maple seed,”
said Dot. “They have wings that twirl, and they ride the wind
across the meadow.”
“Maybe out acorn rode the wind too,” said Jabber. “That is
what we are going to find out,” said Dot. At last they arrived at
the big oak tree. “Look!” said dot. “I bet there are a million
acorns here.” “They don’t have wings,” said Jabber. “But they
taste good.” Don’t eat them, Jabber! They’re clues.”
“Acorns don’t have wings, but they might have sneaky feet,”
said Dot. “Let’s keep watch and see if they start to move.” Plip.
An acorn dropped from the big oak tree.
Jabber poked it with a stick. “This acorn isn’t going
anywhere,” he said. “None of them are.” A squirrel came and sat
down among the acorns. “Jabber, look!” Dot whispered. “What is
he doing?” “Oh!” gasped Jabber. “He’s eating our clue!” “He can’t
be,” said Dot. “The shell is still on it.”
“So why is he stuffing it in his mouth?” asked Jabber. The
squirrel ran off. “Oh no, he’s stealing the acorn!” the detectives
cried and ran after him. When the squirrel stopped, they
stopped and watched to see what would happen next. “What’s he
doing now?” asked Jabber. “Digging a hole. Look! He’s hiding the
acorn.” Jabber stared at Dot. “Maybe he’s planting it!”
“Of course!” said Dot. “Our acorn crossed the meadow on
squirrel feet.” “And got planted by squirrel feed,” said Jabber.
“And grew into the little oak tree,” said Dot. “The mystery is
solved. We are two clever mouse detectives!”
“Hurray!” shouted Jabber. “Now what will we do?” “Find
another mystery,” said Dot. “But I’m hungry,” said Jabber. “First
let’s go eat some of those leftover clues.”
Comprehension Questions:
1. What is the mystery?
2. Do you think the acorn is a mystery? Why or why not?
3. How is an oak tree different from a bush or plant?
4. What is a meadow? Have you seen a meadow before?
5. What do you think Jabber means when he says, “Do you
think it walked?”
6. What kinds of seeds do you eat?
Read the story: This is a one-minute fluency self-check test”
Get someone to time you for one-minute and see how many words
you can read within that minute. (please remember that isn’t
always important-about how many words you can read in one
minute if you can’t retell what you have read)
A Good Idea
“It would be great to have a fish tank in our
classroom,” said Brook.
“That would cost a lot,” said Miss Woods.
“I know what to do. We could pay for the tank
by selling cupcakes and cookies,” said Marco.
So they started making baked goods. The girls
baked cupcakes with white icing. The boys baked
cookies with green icing. Then they tasted the
cupcakes and cookies. Yum! Everything was so
good! All the boys and girls liked them.
The class got the fish tank they were hoping
for. The girls added the plants. The boys put in the
fish. Brook and Marco had big smiles on their
faces. Miss Woods smiled too.