When we went up town with the Local Historian we discovered that

When we went up town with the Local Historian we discovered that Michael Davitt met Gandhi in
Londan when Gandhi was a young man. Ernie, the local historian showed us a picture that he had of
Gandhi's Grandson. His name is Aroom Gandhi. He came to Castlebar 3 years ago and he visited
Daly's hotel. The Landleague was formed there.
Gandhi got his ideas from Michael Davitt. After he died his grandson came over from India to
Castlebar in Mayo.This is a picture of his Grandson in Dalys Hotel in Castlebar.
Mahatma Gandhi was born in India and died in 1948. Nathuran Godsay a fanatic Hindu murdered him
Gandhi himself was Hindu and born in the second highest cast .
In hinduism people get born into a cast in which they stay their whole life and when
they behaved good they get into higher cast in their whole life. If they behave badly they get into a
lower cast .Gandhi was born in india was a colony of the British Empire. After school Gandhi went to
London and studies there in University. He became a lawyer . Shortly after that he went back to India
and made a rule if you're ever in a fight never use violence.
Gandhi Mahatma
(Born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi)
(1869-1948),Indian nationalist and spiritual leader. After early civil-rights activities as a lawyer in
South Africa, in 1914 Gandhi returned to India, where he became prominent in the opposition to
British rule,pursuing a policy of passive resistance and non-violent civil disobedience.
This is a picture of one of the microfilms ithe library in Castlebar. It gives you good information on old
news in the newspaper. This is where we got our information on Micheal Davitt. These machines are
ideal for history.
This another picture
of a microflim with some pupils from our class studying on the Titanic and where people were found of
the coast some were dead but the majority were was alive.
Michael Collins
Michael Collins was born in 1906 near Sam`s Crossin West Cork.Michael's father , Michael John
Collins was sixty years old when he married a local girl called marainne O'brien.Marainne was only
twenty-three at the time.they had eight chrildren and Michael was the youngest
Collins, Michael (1890-1922), Irish patriot. A member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, he fought
in the Easter Rising (1916) in Dublin. Elected Member of Parliament he was one of the members of
Sinn Fein who set up the Dail Eireann in 1919. He worked as Finance Minister in Arthur Griffith's
government and at the same time led the Irish Republican Army. In 1921 the British government
offered a reward of #10,000 for him, dead or alive. He played a large part in the negotiations that led to
the Anglo-Irish truce in 1921 and the Dail approval of the treaty in 1922. He commanded the Irish Free
State Army at the start of the Irish civil war and was killed in an ambush at Beal-na-Blath, County
Cork, in August 1922.
1) Today at 9:45 we went upon a bus to Straide. When we arrived at the museum at Straide at 10:05.
We entered the museum and we saw pictures and scripts of Michael Davitt.
The lady began to speak about him. When he was 4 years old he was evicted by landlord Knox. The
parish priest took them into his house in 1850.
His Parents names were Martin and Catherine. Michael Davitt went to a work house in Lanchester in
England. Parents and children were separated , Michael was sent to work in a cotton mills at the age of
11. In 1858 he lost his arm in the cotton mills at the age of thirteen.
He later joined the Irish Republic Brotherhood in 1865. In 1870 he was arrested and sent to prison .
2) Our Trip to Davitt's Museum in Straide
We got on the bus at ten o'clock. We were split into two groups a and b. I was in group A, the first
place we went to was a hall with lots of information on Michael Davitt. He was born in 1846 his
fathers name was Martin and mothers name was Catherine. They were evicted when he was four.
They decided to move to England where Michael started to work in the cotton mills. He lost his arm in
a freak accident.
He joined the IRB, a few weeks later he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, he
served 7 years of that. After that he joined the Landleague, the first place he spoke at was at Daly's
hotel in Castlebar.
He got married in America to an American women and they had five children, Kathleen who died at
the age of seven, Eileen(1892-1974),Robert Emmit, Davitt(1889-1981) and Cahir(1894-1987).
They emergrated to America where his mother died and was buried in America. His father brought the
family to Australia where his father died and was buried in Australia.
3) Michael Davitt
We went to the Michael Davit Museum in Straide Co. Mayo. We saw lots and lots of pictures on the
walls. We saw a very large Rifle and books he wrote. Then he moved on to his grave was really big
and it stuck out then we moved on to the abbey .
There was an under ground tunnel and lots of graves . The tour woman told us that he went to work in
a mill when he was 12 but he lost his arm when he was 13 .
In 1865, he became a part of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. He went to prison in 1878 and when
he got out, he went to America.
4) We went to the Michael Davitt museum in Straide . Michael Davitt was born in 1846 in Straide in
Foxford. When he was four he and his family were evicted and Micheal and his family had no where
to go. When he was eleven him and his family went to England. Michael had to work in a cotton mill
and while he was in the mill he got his arm cut off and when he was older he went back to Ireland and
when he was in his twenties he joined the IRB the Irish Republic Brotherhood.
One day he spoke and he got arrested and he had to go to court and he got 15 years in prison but he
only did 7. When he got out of prison he went back to Ireland. He was on probation so he could not
speak at public meetings and a while after that he went to America and he met a girl called Catherine
they got married and they had five children. When we were at the Micheal Davitt museum and we saw
the Enfield rifle which he used.