Pingping Lee - Student Information

953 Garrity Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054 Tel: (408) 855-8402 Email:
Stanford University, Stanford, CA
M.A. in International Relations/Political Science
Peking University, Beijing, China
B.A. in International Studies
Sun Microsystems, Newark, CA
Supply Chain Operations and Material Manager, NSG Operations
Manage a team of program managers and buyers, both direct employees and supplier contractors in a fully outsourced
manufacturing environment to ensure product availability and on time delivery. Successfully brought up a brand new ODM
partner for 2 new platforms within just 5 months
 Generate and communicate Sun's platform and Operations supply plan and master production schedule to Sun's
manufacturing partners, in support of Sun's revenue and non-revenue shipment plan.
 Forecast upside/flexibility, including closed loop communication to supply and demand partners of product
availability throughout the quarter.
 Manage material escalations, lead-time and capacity plans to support supply continuity.
 Responsible for material and Supply Chain Readiness Plans for NPI, Transitions within the assigned product and
supplier space, providing supply chain design inputs and deploy supplier/supply chain processes & programs as
 Own supplier score-carding process for inventory, E&O mitigation, and availability performance including RCCA
where necessary.
ROA/INTAM Backlog Management Manger, Worldwide Customer Fulfillment
Responsible for optimizing shipment performance and maximizing SMI revenue via prudent management of available backlog
and interfacing between Sun systems and the third party warehouse management system. Specific accountabilities include:
 Provide leadership to area focals within ROA and INTAM backlog management relative to process development,
training, escalation support, and overall execution performance.
 Responsible for in-quarter revenue attainment for ROA and INTAM through effective management of supply.
 Serve as the primary interface to ROA and INTAM revenue management for all backlog reporting, escalations, and
risk assessment.
 Drive effective order status communication and helps setting correct and achievable customer expectations.
 Develop and monitor continuous improvement plans for area focals. Conduct 1:1s on a regular basis and provide
timely performance feedback.
Program Manager, Supply Demand Execution
Served as primary liaison between revenue management, supply management, manufacturing, executive management, and
influence supply and demand to drive alignment with Sun’s financial and customer satisfaction objectives. Accountable for the
 Supply Optimization - Provide direction on site execution (build, material plans, order fulfillment, etc) and internal
and Geo product allocations to support customer demand and financial plans.
 Demand Management - Work with Revenue Management to optimize supply and demand by assessing field demand
requirements, driving revenue strategies, and managing field communications on product availability.
 Business Analysis and Reporting - Analyze and communicate weekly and quarterly business status, issues, risks and
opportunities to business partners, by assessing supply and demand on a worldwide, site and geo basis.
Program Manager, APAC Customer Fulfillment
First point of contact for all Asian Pacific customer related issues. Interfaced with Order Fulfillment, Supply Chain Execution
group, Logistics, and Customer Quality groups to meet business requirements and customer expectations. Key responsibilities
included the following:
 Created APAC weekly business metric package focusing on Predictability performance and backlog analysis.
Metrics were used to analyze the gap between weekly actual performance and goal.
 Successfully led a CPAS cycle-time reduction project using SixSigma methodology within the expected timeline.
Achieved the goal of reducing cycle time from an average of 17 days to 7 days within just 4 months, by working
closely with both internal and external business partners and implementing an expedited “wheels-up” customs
clearance process. Result of the project significantly improved the level of customer satisfaction in Japan.
Led Supplier Readiness team for “Sun Managed Freight/APAC CFIT” sigma project. As the supplier readiness
manager, interacted closely within Order Fulfillment, PDC Operations, Logistics, ITS, Supply Management and
Supplier Management groups, mapped out an end-to-end process of manual direct ship from APAC based supplier
to APAC customers.
Lead Business Analyst, Lead-time Control Center
Assumed lead analyst role, drove on-going process improvement using SixSigma methodology, performed data mining, and
provided training on tools and procedures.
 Led a team of business analysts to monitor actual product lead-times and analyze spikes and trends with causal
analysis narrative. The in-depth comparison between the actual product ATP's and Goal lead-times contributed to the
successful implementation of a much simplified lead-time structure in Sun.
 Designed and automated a new web tool in support of LPM-Velocity target setting process. New tool serves the
purpose of effectively updating part challenges extremely efficiently.
Web Marketing Application Developer, Stanford University Press (5/01-2/02)
 Interacted with design and business team to create an e-commerce system and web-marketing
 Worked with the database team at the back-end to develop a 30+ page website, and mastered solid
skills in CGI technology, web page design and JavaScript programming.
Computer Help Desk Consultant, Stanford University (1/01-2/02)
 Provided hardware and system support for students using facilities in Sweet Hall and Terman
computer lab.
 Answered inquiries regarding residential computing at Stanford.
Teaching Assistant,, Department of Political Science, Stanford University (9/98-6/01)
 Interacted with professors and students, led class discussions, and managed organizational and
administrative issues for courses on political economy in East Asian countries.
News Assistant/Translator,, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Knight Ridder Newspapers (1/96-9/97)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Beijing Bureau, China).
 Translated news stories, interpreted for interviews, and handled administrative tasks.
Languages: C, Java, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, LISP, SQL.
Operating systems: UNIX, Windows.
 Trained in public speaking. Have developed refined public speaking, presentation, facilitation, and telemarketing
 Extensively exposed to Six Sigma methodology and mastered change acceptance management skills.
 In depth knowledge in quantitative and qualitative analytical research methods and tools, such as spreadsheet and
Brio data mining.
 Completed training in APICS inventory management and operation planning.
 Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills. Have developed close working relationships
with colleagues and business partners.
 Very effective team player. Work enthusiastically in group situations, and enjoy leadership roles.
 Extremely result oriented, reliable, flexible, and perform well under high pressure and tight deadlines.
 Proficient in speaking, reading and writing Mandarin Chinese.