Reading Across the Curriculum: A Multi-dimensional

Approach to Foster Student Success

How We Redesigned Our ACA Courses:

Developed an online section of ACA

Created a universal syllabus, grading rubrics, checklists, and weekly lesson plans to be used by ALL instructors

Modified Library Orientation from one session to two sessions o First session is used to familiarize students with general library information o Second session is focused on teaching students research techniques and strategies

Added semester-long Portfolio Project o Students learn how to collect and organize course information and materials in a useful/meaningful way

Moved email and Blackboard training out of ACA to “New Student Orientation”

Added Aplia component and training to promote critical thinking skills and technology proficiency o Aplia is an online component that offers critical thinking questions that correlates with the

Master Student textbook used in ACA 115 and with the On Course textbook used in ACA 122

Created ACA 122 for students transferring to four year colleges/universities

How GRADE is Administered:

GRADE was administered in ACA 115 & 122 o Individual score reports were generated for each student

The ACA instructor met individually with each student to review the results

A copy of the score report was also shared with the student’s advisor

Starting in 2013 spring, GRADE is now administered in developmental reading courses o Pretest will be administered in the beginning of RED 080 and post test will be administered at the end of RED 090

The Developmental Reading instructor will meet individually with each student to review the results

How Outside Reading Assignments (ORA) are Administered:

At least 2 ORAs are included in each curriculum course o The ORAs must be related to the course content o All instructors develop their own ORA and grading scale for the assignments

How ETS Proficiency Profile® is Administered:

ETS Proficiency Profile® pre-test was administered in a proctored environment during ACA 115 & 122 and the post-test was administered at graduation

After piloting the unproctored version in 2012 fall, all pre-tests will continue to be assigned in ACA 115

& 122 but will be completed online, outside of class. Post-test is still administered at graduation in a proctored environment.