The Sterling Creations summer 2013 newsletter

The Sterling Creations summer 2013 newsletter
Hello and welcome to the Sterling Creations newsletter, which is produced quarterly.
We hope that you enjoy it and encourage you to pass it along to those who may be
interested in the types of services that we offer. We welcome your feedback and invite
you to give us your comments for it is only through you and with you that we can
improve our services.
Table of contents
1 Message from the president
2 The second quarter in review
3 Sterling services
4 List of blogs
5 Contact info
Message from the president
Dear readers: Summer 2013 is here and I hope that everyone has an opportunity to
enjoy at least a tiny piece of it.
The previous quarter was a very good one for Sterling Creations and this was largely
due to your continuing support. Our team continued to toil away at bringing services to
you and we even managed to expand our business north of the border and across the
pond in Britain. We are looking forward to continuing success for the third quarter and
I'd like to thank our team for their continuing commitment and dedication.
I invite you now to read the second quarter in review.
With very best wishes for summer 2013
Donna J. Jodhan
President Sterling Creations
The second quarter in review
The second quarter for Sterling Creations was a very busy one as we continued to
support both our clients and our internal websites. We continued to write articles and
blogs for our clients and our writing and research teams were heavily involved in these
Our team continued to churn out daily articles for the Avalanche Network Search
Company; a Toronto-based SEO Company. We also continued to supply articles to the
online newsletter of the Diversity in the Workplace organization, and blogs and articles
to the Fredshead blog; an American Printing House for the Blind sponsored blog.
We also began to offer our writing and research services to small businesses across
North America and managed to attract a few clients. We managed as well to snag two
new clients in Britain.
Our accessibility services started to implement plans to work with a Toronto-based client
to develop a model for a sport for life program. We are extremely excited about this as
it is new and we hope that it would attract clients such as seniors as well as other adults
who are blind and who are interested in becoming sport for life participants.
We continued to support the Detective DJ Crime Crushers Series; written and produced
by our president Donna J. Jodhan and this series has just started to air on the American
Council of the Blind Internet radio station. We are extremely excited about this as this
series has managed to attract several listeners and we thank Accessible Media Inc of
Toronto for having given us a huge boost. Accessible Media Inc hosted our first two
seasons and helped to get us going.
In the coming months, Sterling Creations will be heavily engaged in a rollout campaign
to market this series across North America and beyond.
Our website at is being revamped to accommodate our efforts and we are
looking forward to this initiative. We are presently seeking those persons who would be
interested to market the Crime Crushers series through social media. Donna is presently
in the midst of writing and producing the third season and hopes to have it ready for
airing by mid fall.
Just a bit about the Crime Crushers series!
Donna uses her imagination to develop
audio mysteries. She combines this with her growing background in law through her
law studies at the University of London England to produce audio mysteries that are
exciting and enthralling.
You can learn more by visiting
Donna's first newsletter is planned for release some time in the early fall.
Our team continued to support our two internal websites; and To the former, we post editorials written by our president
on weekends as well as blogs through out the week. You can see these postings at
To the latter, we post weekly blogs to and
these are posted on weekends. Plans are in the making to resume blog postings during
the week as well.
to These blogs focus on Donna's reviews of her daily
experiences as a blind person.
Our president Donna J. Jodhan completed her term as president of the Alliance for
Equality of Blind Canadians at the end of April and she was elected as second vice
president to the AEBC's board. Donna wishes to express her gratitude to the many
persons who supported her during her term as president and during her coming two
year term as second vice president she has committed to working on the following
The Braille Camp; to be held in the summer of 2014 where 20 blind participants
between the ages of 8 to 12 will have an opportunity to become more familiar with the
rudiments of Braille as well as with mobile devices. Donna is the AEBC's rep to the
Braille Camp initiative. More to come on this unique initiative in our next newsletter.
Donna's second project commitment will focus on helping the AEBC to develop a hall of
fame whereby AEBC award winners along with other award winners in Canada who are
blind would be recognized. There will also be a history section that would be comprised
of recollections from those who have lived the times. This will be a work in progress
over the next few years.
Donna was re-elected to the board of the Canadian Blind Sports Association as
communications director for a second two year term.
In addition, she continues to
serve on the Expert Consumer Advisory Panel (ECAP) for T-Base Communications Inc;
an Ottawa based company specializing in the production of documents in alternate
We'd like to end our update by acknowledging the support of the following people:
Frances Moffat - support person for our internal website.
Aaron Di Blasi - developer for
With best wishes for a terrific summer
The Sterling Creations team
Sterling Services
Meet our accessibility team!
Made up of a hard working group of very dedicated
This team offers compliance and evaluation services. They can help you to test and
evaluate your websites for W3C compliance. They are experienced at what they do and
some of their tasks include:
Accessible website design and development.
Accessible website testing and evaluation.
Accessible content development.
Creation of user testing, technical support, high level, and detailed evaluation
Managing of user testing teams.
User and technical support.
Hardware and software evaluations of access technology.
Presentations, seminars, and workshops.
Meet our research services team! Our newest edition.
This team can help you to research info on all kinds of topics. From simple subjects to
the more complicated ones. This team can do it.
At the present time the research team is heavily involved in helping clients to research
info for some very complicated Human Rights cases and in addition, they are assisting
several authors to find ways to market their books.
They also offer their research services to home businesses, small businesses, and to
Some of their tasks include:
Researching of requested info.
Producing well-written documents containing the requested info.
This team can carry out Internet, phone, and library research on your behalf.
Meet our writing team! Known as the one stop writing shop.
This team is probably the busiest of our groups. Working with authors, students, and
marketing personnel from companies of all sizes.
Some of their tasks include:
Proofreading and editing.
Copy writing.
The writing team can help you to enhance and expand your articles, blogs, newsletters,
online magazines, and web content.
They can also help you to write product reviews and for those having problems crafting
their papers in English, they are here to help you edit and format your work.
Meet our translation team! Made up of translators and language coaches.
This team works in English, French, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin.
They are
heavily involved in the translation of storybooks for kids into several languages.
Their language coaches are also heavily involved in helping business professionals and
new Canadians to become more proficient at writing and speaking English.
Our dynamic team of translators and language coaches can help you to improve and
translate your articles, blogs, emails, faxes, newsletters, and online magazines.
addition, they offer services to help you improve your phone conversation.
Some of their tasks include:
Language coaching.
Proofreading and editing.
To learn more about our accessibility activities, visit
To learn more about how you can use our research and writing services to help you be
successful in your endeavors, visit
List of blogs
The following is a list of websites where you can read blogs and editorials written by
Donna J. Jodhan:
Donna Jodhan! Advocating accessibility for all
Sponsored by the American Printing House for the Blind
Weekly features on how to increase your success with your business ventures
Weekly articles and editorials on issues about accessibility
Issues and concerns on diversity in the workplace
Come and see another side of Donna as an author through her mystery writing as
Detective DJ.
Contact info
To contact us by email: Please send your email to
To contact us by phone: Please give us a call at (416) 491-7711