Feedback from EYC Leadership Group 27 01 15

Edinburgh Network Of Voluntary Organisations
For Children, Young People And Families
Name of Group: Early Years Collaborative Leadership Group, 27th
January, 2015
Date of Meeting:
Contact details for further info:
Donna Murray, Improvement Advisor, gave an update on the move from
Workstreams to Key change Themes:- Early support for pregnancy and beyond. (Anna Krystle)
- Attachment, child development and learning
- Childhood assessments including 27-30 month review
- Information sharing/transitions
- Developing parenting skills 7 engagement to support family learning (coled by Maura Daly; Koen Van der Straeten and Margo Irvine also
- Addressing child poverty (Margo Irvine involved in work around healthy
start vouchers)
- Play
- Health and wellbeing with an initial focus on physical activity and
- Gender based violence may be added to the key change themes. Donna
to attend the Network meeting in March to expand further. There are
key theme groups with no voluntary sector involvement as yet.
Donna explained that the groups above met less but talk more via email
The need for more support for Donna’s role was also discussed; the EYC is
only part of her remit.
Issue for Network to discuss
Involvement in Workstreams was with the agreement that this would be a
Network representative role and those involved would provide regular
feedback. Feedback on involvement in the EYC has lapsed and needs to be
reinstated so the wider Network is kept informed.
Also key theme groups where there is no Network rep need to be discussed
and advertised
Follow up Action
Are you happy for this information to be cascaded to the Network? Y