Application for School Year 2015-16
Honors Program in Economics, University of California at Irvine
Due Friday June 5th, 2015,
Return to Economics Department Office in SSPB 3229.
Contact Information
Name: (last, first):
Student ID #:
School Address:
Permanent Address:
Telephone #
Admission to the Honors Program in Economics, Business Economics, and Quantitative
Economics is competitive. Only the most highly qualified students are admitted each year. To
ensure full consideration, please provide the following information.
Cumulative GPA
Economics GPA
Minimum of 3.2 required
Minimum of 3.4 required
Please list your grades in the following economics courses. If you have not taken the course,
leave blank or indicate intended quarter of enrollment. If you have taken any economics courses in
addition to those listed, indicate the names and grades of the courses in the right-hand column.
Math 2A
Math 2B
Math 4
Econ 20A
Econ 20B
Econ 15A
Econ 15B
Econ 100A/105A
Econ 100B/105B
Econ 100C/105C
Econ 122A/123A
Econ 122B/123B
Remember to include a complete transcript when you submit your application.
If you have not taken the courses above, indicate when you intend to do so.
If you are a transfer student, indicate the grade from the equivalent course at your prior
institution and include transcripts from all other colleges and universities which you have
Please answer the following questions. Each of your answers should be clear and concise.
Answers to the individual questions should not exceed 100 words. Answers to all of the questions
should be typed and submitted along with you application.
1) Why do you want to enroll in the honors program in economics?
2) What topic do you want to research for your senior thesis?
3) What have you done so far to prepare yourself for this research endeavor?
4) What do you plan to do after you get you graduate from UC Irvine?
Students who wish to enroll in the honors program in economics must have an advisor for their
senior thesis. It is your responsibility to find a topic and an advisor. We encourage you to visit the
faculty during their office hours, talk to them about your research interests, and build an
educational relationship with them.
To submit an honors application, you must have an advisor who has agreed to supervise your
thesis. The advisor must be a professor, instructor, or faculty affiliated with the economics
department. The advisor indicates his commitment to advise you by signing the form below.
Advisor’s Name (written or typed)
Advisor’s Signature
Student Signature
If you do not have an advisor and do not know how to find one, you should visit the Director
of the Honors Program, Assoc. Professor Dan Bogart.
The deadline for applications to the honors program is Friday, June 5, 2015. Return the completed
applications to the Economics Department Office in SSPB 3229.
Admission decisions will be made in the week after June 4.