Amendment of Regulatory Decision of the CSE

Amendment of Regulatory Decision of the CSE Council on the CSE Markets
published in the Gazette on 15.9.2009 (KDP 326/2009 as amended)
The CSE Council, pursuant to articles 10(2)(e), 33 and 48 of the CSE Law 1993 to
2009 and Regulation 88 of the CSE Regulations, decided to amend Appendix 17 of
the Regulatory Decision on the CSE Markets as follows”
1. With the addition of Table II, after paragraph 19, of the following new paragraph
1. Charge for transfer of securities
from the CSE Depository to a
Depository abroad
€5 per transfer. If the transferred
securities are of value exceeding
€5,000, a 0.10% charge will be
Note: The price on which the value
of the transferred securities will be
calculated will be the last existing
closing price
The amendment will become effective fifteen days after the publication of the